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Utpal Chatterjee: Sheriff, Kolkata, 22nd. November 2023. Indeed, given the present tense situation,the world hopes and prays for nothing more than lasting,guaranteed peace and understanding.During a most engrossing talk and an absorbing discussion last night both the Honourable Chinese Consul General,Mr.Zha Liyou,who had invited me (after I had failed to attend the Chinese National Day),and I agreed why peace,understanding and goodwill are of paramount importance the world over.No one in his or her proper senses would ever approve of what is happening in Ukraine or the Middle East.With serious effort,both China and India can develop greater understanding that should usher in a new,lasting age of absolute peace.Tensions and misunderstandings,in the final analysis,serve no purpose,none whatsoever.Around 304 BC,Ashoka the Great had taken the first peace initiative after the bloody Kalinga War to send emissaries to entire Asia,including China,to spread Buddhism and peace.That mission was successful.Starting with Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore to the legendary Dr.Dwarka Nath Kotnis,there have been so many whose memories are treasured and cherished in China.Then came a phase of border disputes.I shall surely not be in a dreamworld hoping for an end to all this.Peace and goodwill must prevail over everything in the interest of the people of both Nations.Anywhere and everywhere tensions prevail,as in Ukraine,Israel,Palestine and the Middle East,efforts must be made by the Global community to ensure the prevalence of peace.That was a major reason for the birth of UNO following the Potsdam meeting after the Second World War.All the 193 Member Nations must do all they can to ensure Peace as,man’s PRIORITY ONE.

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