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Utpal Chatterjee : Sertiff, kolkata, 4th. December, 2023. Indeed, it does. In a two day conference at a major conference event in Odisha, there were delegates from all over India who participated in a manner rarely seen.If there was a man who was primarily responsible for the entire event and its success, it was Mr.Pradip K.Karar of Fairview Media and his terrific team. His brain and brawn behind the entire exercise were most effective. In the post Covid phase when matters are still gradually picking up, there was a good distance to go to attain all the goals. There were problems aplenty too. Everything was taken up by real professionals.That included the friendly Minister of Tourism,the Chief Guest.I was invited in my capacity as the Global Peace Icon and the Global Peace Ambassador. Naturally, I had to deliver one of the opening speeches that seemed to go down well with the diverse audience. As did my talk during the Panel Discussion on Eco-tourism, sustainability and Climate Control. The age of autographs is over and replaced by one of selfies. I was overwhelmed by the love and positivity coming from the majority of the delegates and a tight embrace after my speech by the Tourism Minister.

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