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The wild mind’s Goose chase…..

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Ms.Moubani Sorcar : Famous Actress & Dancer.

I’m always in the edge of time,
I don’t understand the crime,
Of loving and letting live,
My heart’s unsung lines,
Waiting to be given shape,
I was hid under a cape,
Cheese and all the red and white wines,
Will not be thrown away as wasted times,
Whether this way or that,
I am just that old cat,
Sitting on a sunny roof,
Waiting for them,where are my boots!?
As the neighborhood birds synchonise and hoot..
Will its music turn me into the exotic,
I needed never any logic.

My mouse I leave out in the open,
As I’m more of the musical version,
Beyond the norms and my tree jumping Tarzan,
Is important to me,
Because in frozen minds,
No matter how much it binds,
There is no oxygen to breathe,
I love to imagine a wreathe,
Was for a door which opens,
And as the wind does its duty and shapens,
I’m me without an apology,
I don’t believe in the visual when it’s foggy.
So let’s just breathe happily in the air that is a gift.
My intensions are clear and they never tend to shift.
I’m trying to now pour water on my window plant,
I wonder if that is what it will want.

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