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The trajectory and our life…..

Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

There is one sun
And there is only a moon,
But there are so many solar systems,
So there must be so much room,
Should we meet all the life that in this universe did loom,
I prefer to choose happiness and fun,
So I would choose simple games,
This life is a dear one,
Let’s keep it simple,
And very direct,
Let’s not make a white piece of paper crinkle,
Rather write a poem on it.
And take it as it happens,
We focus and our vision sharpens,
I don’t want to be a Rip Van Wynkle,
Rather watch the stars from earth twinkle,
And then sleep off knowing,
That the mysteries of the universe keeps on glowing,
Like the wind which keeps us flowing,
Let’s not dissect a fantasy like a toad,
For me this dream of a life is one clean straight road.
The shackles of undoing,
Is good for the disturbed,
A confused path that the troubled keep following,
Is not a heavenly orchestration,
In truth rules peaceful emotions,
Heaven is there but as one,
Hell happens when we in deliberation want it undone.


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