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That womanly thing…..

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Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

She is special in every way,
As the sunlight makes the warmth in a day,
All who enjoy her loving caress,
Would know how much she undid to cure a mess.
Through every up and down she stood by you.
Unknowningly all your dreams came true.
She wore your troubles like a stylish dress,
As she is the way to an unknown happiness,
You did abuse her, scream at her,
Left her unprepared…
But to it all she never flared ,
She simply unbelievingly stared….
As her eyes filled up with water,
Things could have been so much better…
But you cannot see her cry…
And asked her simply why,
She has every bit of control over you..
Behind every successful man is a woman it’s true.


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