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Supratim Roy presents “TADER KOTHA” based on a story written by poet Alo Basu…….

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News Stardom: kolkata, 19th. May 2020. Lockdown shorts coming soon.
Music director Abhishek Basu’s 1st venture as a Film Maker, it’s out of passion though. Was thinking what best can be done out of the box to give respect to all the technicians of this great industry and parallelly to give tribute to those mothers who are fighting against all odds in the streets of Bengal with their children. Say no to child trafficking.

Supratim Roy presents ” TADER KOTHA ” based on a story written by poet Alo Basu.
Featuring well known actress Anindita Banerjee Roy , Debarun Swaraj (senior model/actor), Madhusudan banik.
Associate direction & Screenplay – Tejas Gandhi.

Make up and hair – Anindita Banerjee Roy. Styling – Tejas Gandhi, Anindita Banerjee Roy. Edit and post – Subhasish Mondal Camera – Supratim Roy, , Subhasish Mondal,Tejas Gandhi, Abhishek Basu. Music – Abhishek Basu and Avik Ganguly
Special thanks to Hemant Marda.

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