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St. Joan’s School Commemorates International Yoga Day…..

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Staff Reporter : Kolkata, 21st. June, 2024 -St. Joan’s School proudly celebrates International Yoga Day, underscoring the importance of well-being and harmony through the practice of yoga.

At St. Joan’s School, yoga transcends being a mere practice; it is an essential component of the curriculum. For over 15 years, the school has integrated yoga into the education of students, beginning as early as the age of 2. This enduring commitment reflects the school’s belief in nurturing both mental and physical health.

Annually, students get an opportunity to exhibit their growing proficiency and dedication to yoga during the Annual Sports Day, a testament to their hard work and the positive influence of this discipline.

This year, to mark International Yoga Day, the school has selected 110 young yogis to perform. The asanas they will demonstrate include: Anulom Vilom (Breathing exercise), Kapalabhati Pranayam (Breathing exercise), Padmasan (Meditation pose), Matsyasan (Fish pose), Vajrasan (Diamond pose), Ustrasan (Camel Pose), Badhakonasan (Butterfly pose), Dhanurasan (Bow pose), Apanasan (Knee to chest pose), Setu Bandhasan (Bridge Pose), Vrikshasan (Tree Pose) and Parvatasan (Seated Mountain Pose)

As St. Joan’s School observes these performances, they are reminded that yoga is not solely about physical exercise; it is about fostering a balanced and harmonious existence. It instills mindfulness, resilience, and inner peace, qualities that are indispensable in today’s fast-paced world.

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