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Short Film- Upside Down by Ritwik Mukherjee is released on the Youtube…

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News Stardom: Kolkata, 9th.May 2020 Upside Down is an interesting & experimental shortfilm with a strong social and philosophical message. When things look upside down or topsy turvy, that does not necessarily mean that it’s end of the road. A mother gets the first pulse of life when the baby in her womb rests with his/her heads down and feet up. That particular position actually marks the coming up of a new life. A new life waiting to see the light of the day. The film was made and edited completely on mobile camera during the period of lockdown and with friends from different walks of life, who never acted earlier. The greatest challenge was these persons were located in different places and could not move out of their home.

Cast: Anindita Neogy Anaam. Chaitali Sengupta. Aditya Narayan Banerjee, Dr Rudrarup Gupta. Samrat Roy. Subhojit Roy & Ritwik Mukherjee.

Story & Script: Ritwik Mukherjee. Screenplay & Editing: Avijit Deb Roy. Direction: Ritwik Mukherjee & Avijit Deb Roy

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