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SHORT FILM – NEEM – BEGUN (eggplant)…….

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News Stardom: Kolkata, 10th.June,2020. Neem- Begun (eggplant). One of the many lockdown shorts. So film was a sincere attempt to make it different from the beginning as much as possible. Everyone is living a more or less anxious life in the Corona crisis. Attempts were made to try to figure out whether it was possible to tell some infallible truth by laughing at the matter while accepting it. Neem-Begun is the result of that effort. Neem and Begun (eggplant) are like two couples in the world. Separately, neem is useful, eggplant is not much of use. But the combination of the two is delicious neem eggplant. The plan is to tickle. The last word in the content of the tick is to laugh, are we really alive! Under the directorial baton of Kingshuk Ganguly for Exgen Productions, Ashok Basu’s story and drama find the end of the search, is it really alive? And the actors and actresses took this quest a few steps further through their extraordinary performances. Special Note: Mau Bhattacharya , a one-time director in the role of Karta, a well-known face of the moment in the role of Ginni as Ratan Sannyayam, a lyricist and drama personality.

Kingshuk, the director and one of the strongest actors of this generation, is well known as the son and wife of the son.

They have beautifully portrayed their character. Despite the limitations, the performance and editing are also noticeable. All in all, Xengen Media Entertainment deserves to be thanked for gifting such a healthy beautiful production.

(eggplant)-short film on youtube

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