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Senco Gold & Diamonds has been listed 4 years consecutively as the 2nd most trusted brand of India in the category of jewellery: TRA’s Brand Trust Report 2024….

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News stardom : Kolkata, 9th April 2024: TRA’s Brand Trust Report (BTR) 2024 which lists India’s 1000 Most Trusted Brands every year, declared India’s leading jewellery retailer Senco Gold & Diamonds, having over 80 years legacy and with 158+ stores across India, as the 2nd most trusted brand of India in the category of jewellery at TRA’s Brand Trust report 2024 for the 4th consecutive year.

Suvankar Sen (MD & CEO, Senco Gold & Diamonds), said, ‘This achievement is dedicated to my team and customers. We shall always work to enhance the experience of all our stakeholders’.

Joita Sen (Director & Head of Marketing & Design, Senco Gold & Diamonds) said, ‘We are thankful to the customers and patrons of Senco Gold & Diamonds for their continued faith and trust to the brand and we shall always endeavour to serve them to our best efforts’.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research said, “In 2024, 316 brands improved their Brand Trust rankings, while 358 brands saw their rankings decline compared to the previous report. The FMCG Super-Category led with 167 brands, followed by Food & Beverage with 151, Consumer Electronics with 81, and Automobile with 76 brands each. The brands that have risen in the rankings have done so by embracing transparent, authentic communication strategies to enhance consumer engagement and trust. They’ve understood that trust is not static but dynamically influenced by every interaction and touchpoint a consumer has with the brand. Trust is built and maintained through consistent, positive, and genuine communication efforts. As technology evolves, so too must our approaches to fostering and sustaining trust, ensuring that all physical and digital touchpoints integrated with the timeless principles of trust that drive consumer confidence and brand loyalty.”

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