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Sandip Ray’s Nayan Rahasya slated to release on 10th of May….

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*Sandip Ray’s “Nayan Rahasya” Unveils Its First Look: A Spellbinding Mystery*

Staff Reporter : kolkata, 13th April, 2024. Following the success of “Hatyapuri,” acclaimed director Sandip Ray is set to captivate audiences once again set to bring Feluda on screen with, Satyajit Ray’s “Nayan Rahasya.” Produced by Surinder Films, this film promises to deliver a cinematic experience filled with suspense, drama, and adventure.

Centered around a gripping storyline involving a young boy with exceptional numerical abilities, “Nayan Rahasya” explores the mystery behind his disappearance and the murder of Hingorani. The film’s diverse and captivating backdrop includes shooting locations in Chennai, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

In an effort to modernize the iconic character of Feluda, director Sandip Ray is updating certain aspects to reflect contemporary times. This includes incorporating the use of mobile phones, a common tool in modern investigations. Careful consideration is being given to preserving Feluda’s essence, as any deviation could evoke strong reactions from fans. Every detail is meticulously crafted to maintain the character’s integrity and the story’s authenticity.

Director Sandip Ray commented, “The decision to pursue ‘Nayan Rahasya’ after ‘Hatyapuri’ was driven by the opportunity to quickly utilize the talented cast from the previous project, including a child actor. ‘Nayan Rahasya’ centers around a child, adding depth to the selection. Expectations for ‘Nayan Rahasya’ are high, with its vibrant visuals, suspenseful plot, and universal appeal expected to resonate with audiences of all ages.”

Indraneil Sengupta, who plays the character of Feluda, expressed his excitement about the film’s release, stating, “I am extremely excited about the release of ‘Nayan Rahasya’ this 10th of May! Everyone is eagerly waiting for Nayan Rahashya. Each character in this film is truly special, be it Jatayu, Topshe, or anyone else. Overall, we are looking forward to the release with a mix of anxiety, excitement, and happiness. The first look has come out, and I hope that people will love it. We received so much love from the audience last time, and I hope that their love for Feluda will continue to support us this time as well.”

Ayush Das who plays the character of Topshey, expressed excitement about the release, stating, “The first look of ‘Nayan Rahasya’ is releasing. We shot the film last year, and it feels great that it will be released this year. We worked very hard, shooting in Chennai and Kolkata. We were eagerly awaiting the release date. Finally, the first look of ‘Nayan Rahasya’ will be in front of the audience, and I am very excited to share it with them.”

Abhijit Guha, who plays Jatayu in the film, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Stepping into the shoes of Jatayu, in a Feluda film is a challenge for any actor. Getting to play the character once again onscreen is a treat indeed. Waiting for Nayan Rahashya’s grand release eagerly.”

The first look of “Nayan Rahasya” showcases striking visuals that hint at the suspense and drama that await viewers. The film is poised to be a must-watch for fans of mystery and suspense.

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