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Moubani Sorcar (Actress) Kolkata,20th.March 2020. I hate it when a human being is raped, it is against love which should be the primary human instinct and more than that I detest the women who teach their sons that it is the dress code of a woman or her character that causes rape.
Rape is a crime far worse than Murder Do not sympathize with a rapist. Please understand that it is not the duty of the man to rape a woman Everytime she is provocative, there should be other motivations in life. Do you steal everytime you see a note?

Please teach the generation next the right things in life. If rape is the reality of the situation or acceptable then why wait for marriage and consent, every young girl will go on the street in a mini skirt get raped and try to rear a child post rape, is it only for money that men are required? Is there no need for psychological support for a man in any situation, stop raising BARBARIC BRUTES designating them as men of the first order.

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