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Pranam on the occasion of 90th. Birthday of Kalam Saab…….

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Dr. Tapan Misra : Senior Advisor at ISRO. 15th. October, 2020. Pranam on the occasion of 90th birthday of Kalam Saab. A man who brought strategic vision in common man’s jargon. He showed that Indians can produce requisite state of art weapons for their own protection. It was no mean feat, considering the hold of weapon import lobby in the corridors of power. He gave hope and confidence to the country, to pursue a national goal of collective upliftment in the shape of Vision 2020.

He also exposed the faultlines in our scientific temperament, what ails our scientific establishment. He was hounded out of his mother organisation to satisfy certain bloated egos, mean minds. But for sagacious political leadership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, he would have been a forgotten footnote in Indian science and all his contributions, in bringing India to space age, would have been usurped by rapacious scientists with much lesser track records.

It is also a sad testament of resisilience of vindictive scientific minds that even though he was found to be fit for occupying the exalted precinct of Rashtrapati Bhavan, but not fit enough for teaching position at IISc. His life and conduct were example of how not to lose hope even when faced with such odds No wonder, he still reigns common People’s minds as India’s only People’s President, long after he left the mortal world.

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