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Poila Boishakh Offerings of Five Mad Men Gastroplaypub….

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News Stardom : Kolkata, 7th. April, 2024.

Who- Five Mad Men Gastroplaypub

What-  Banglar Bhuribhoj Buffet

When- 13th to 15th April 2024

Time- 1 PM to 4 PM

Where- & GP, Electronic Complex, 1st Floor, Omega Building, Bengal Intelligent Park Ltd, EP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Kolkata is ready to embrace the festivities of Poila Boishakh. This New Year, immerse yourself in the essence of Bangaliana at Five Mad Men Gastroplaypub. To elevate the celebratory atmosphere, Five Mad Men Gastroplaypub has put together a traditional buffet featuring authentic delicacies from Bengal’s kitchens, ensuring your celebrations are truly memorable. Welcome the New Year with flavor, fervor and madness alongside your friends and family, exclusively at Five Mad Men Gastroplaypub.

Menu – Lavish spread features Welcome Drinks like Aam Pora Shorbot & Doi Chhachh; Bhaja Bhuji Bata like Bok Fuler Bora, Kumro Fuler Bora, Phulkopir Bora, Mochar Chop, Beguni, Loita Maacher Fries, Egg Devil, Chicken Chop, Borboti Bata, Potol Bata, Chat Counter features Papdi Chat, Palak Patta Chat, Aloo Chana Chat, Doi Fuchka,Churmur, Tetul Jol Fuchka; Main course includes Aloo Jhinge Posto, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, Narkel Diye Cholar Dal, Aloor Dom, Aamer Tok Dal, Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal, Luchi, Dhokar Dalna, Doodh Shukto, Echor Chingri, Potoler Dolma, Doi Chicken, Katla Macher Kalia, Bagun Pora, Panta Bhat, Kochi Pathar Jhol, Steamed Rice, Kaju Kismish Diye Basanti Pulao; various kinds of Achar Ebong Chutney like Aam Sotto Khejur Diye Tomato Chutney, Mixed Achar, Kacha Aamer, Chutney; Salad- Peyara Kasundi Salad, Kachumber Salad, Macher Jugalbandi Salad; Mukh Misti like Baked Mihidana, Sondesh, Gulab Jamun, Malpua Sathe Rabdi and Mishti Doi.

Pocket Pinch– Rupees 995/-Only. per person plus taxes.

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