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“Pause, Savor, Soar: Serra Café’s Launch Elevates Tranquility and Taste”…..

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Staff Reporter : Kolkata, 30th November, 2023, -Serra is the city’s first café with a retractable roof, offering a unique experience for visitors. It offers a unique experience of sitting on an open terrace in winter, being tricked into thinking it’s summer, or being encapsulated in a curtain of rain, providing a unique experience to enjoy all year round. So Serra Café proudly launched its glasshouse rooftop café at Salt Lake Sector 5. The grand launch was held in the esteemed presenceof Mr. Debashis Sen, Chief Advisor, NewTown Sarbojanin; MD HIDCO, Chairman NKDA/NDITA; Smt Urmila Sen, Professor and President, New Town Sarbojanin; and Ms. Kamalini Paul, Director of Serra Café. It’s a place where you can escape the rush of everyday life or embrace it in a new way, all while savoring the simple joys of life. Serra, a glass house rooftop cafe in the city, aims to create a sense of place by offering a comfortable spot on a couch, a bird’s-eye view, and a favorite snack.

Serra’s menu boasts delightful offerings like the Apple Butterscotch Ice Blend, Coffee Hazelnut Choux, Cheesecakes. Babkas, and Chicken Croissants served by Citron Patisserie. The in-house kitchen is helmed by Chef Tapash, who likes to keep the menu simple and relatable, which is an extension of the De Sovrani Kitchen!Their most recommended dessert is the “Serra Symphony,” as well as some amazing combos such as the Hot Latte with Butter Croissant, Tea with Lemon Chia, or Double Chocolate Brownie with Iced Latte. The café is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Serra offers a price for two at INR 750.

Addressing the media Ms. Kamalini Paul, Director of Serra Café, stated, “I wanted to gift this city a simple, charming, and sustainable home away from home to encourage people to reconnect with themselves. Having worked in hospitality since the age of 20, I truly understand the significance of simple moments of self-awareness and the need to disconnect, only to come back stronger. Hence, this haven is an extension of my vision. In dedicating my life to the art of shaping experiences that touch the souls of many, my enduring purpose has been to extend the warmth of happiness to every heart, making it a relatable and accessible source of joy for all. With Serra, my heartfelt vision is to forge a haven of genuine happiness for all, where the simple pleasures of life radiate with a welcoming embrace.”

Serra, meaning greenhouse in Italian, aims to replicate the slow, European pace of life amidst greenery and blue skies. Serra Café is a space to take a pause and reconnect with yourself. With a laid-back rooftop glass house cafe, a 1000-square-foot banquet hall, executive meeting rooms, and a private dining area, Serra accommodates various needs. Serra Cafe’s mission is simple: to remind people to take a pause from hectic life and cherish the moment. Its unique architectural design, with an automatic retractable terrace, sets the stage for a truly memorable experience.

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