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New Leadership Unveiled: Sandeep Kumar to Lead CII West Bengal for 2024-25….

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Staff Reporter : Kolkata, 19th April- The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), West Bengal State Council, convened for its inaugural meeting at Kenilworth Hotel on Friday, 19th April 2024, to announce the newly elected office bearers for the year 2024-25.At the helm of the council stands Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Managing Director of Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited, who has been elected as the Chairman. With over three decades of invaluable experience within the Tata group, Mr. Kumar’s leadership promises to steer the council towards unprecedented growth and development. His extensive background in commercial and general management, coupled with his profound understanding of the steel industry, positions him as a catalyst for progress.

Joining Mr. Kumar in his mission is Mr. Debashis Dutta, Director of BGS Group, who has been elected as the Vice Chairman. With a distinguished career spanning decades in customs brokerage, international freight forwarding, and logistics, Mr. Dutta brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

During the inaugural meeting of the CII West Bengal State Council, a comprehensive agenda was presented, encompassing a wide array of projects, objectives, and initiatives aimed at driving sustainable economic growth and development in the region.

One of the focal points of discussion was the prioritization of MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) development. With the objective of boosting industrial output and productivity, the council proposed initiatives such as training programs in collaboration with Academic Centers of Excellence (COEs) and facilitating MSME stakeholders to become more competitive in the market.

Sustainability emerged as another key theme, reflecting the council’s commitment to fostering environmentally conscious practices within the business community. Plans were unveiled for reports and publications focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) preparedness among MSMEs, highlighting the importance of integrating sustainability into business operations for long-term growth.

In line with the global trend towards digitization, the council underscored the significance of embracing technology to enhance competitiveness and efficiency. Proposed workshops aimed at equipping MSMEs with the necessary skills for export business, leveraging statistical tools to increase productivity, and demystifying the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Act were highlighted as integral components of the digitization agenda.

Furthermore, the council announced a series of special projects designed to address specific needs and challenges within the region. These projects encompassed diverse areas such as handicrafts cluster development in Jhargram, industry-academia research cohorts, and initiatives aimed at empowering women through skill-building and livelihood projects.

By aligning these projects and objectives with its overarching vision, the CII West Bengal State Council aims to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, inclusivity, and resilience, positioning West Bengal as a globally competitive hub by 2030. Through collective action and strategic partnerships, the council is poised to drive meaningful change and unlock the region’s full potential for economic prosperity and social well-being.

“I am honored to assume the role of Chairman for the CII West Bengal State Council,” Mr. Sandeep Kumar said during the conference. “My vision is to foster an environment conducive to sustainable economic growth and development in West Bengal, making it a globally competitive hub renowned for innovation, inclusivity, and resilience.”

In conclusion, the newly elected office bearers, led by Mr. Sandeep Kumar, are poised to steer the CII West Bengal State Council towards a future of sustainable economic growth and development. With a comprehensive agenda, strategic initiatives, and a commitment to partnership and innovation, the council is primed to realize its vision of a globally competitive West Bengal by 2030.

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