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NBC News called Rahsaan Noor, “one of the great new talents of our time.”……….

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News Stardom: 8th. May 2020 Rahsaan Noor is an American actor and filmmaker of Bengali descent. His last film, Bengali Beauty, is the highest grossing Bengali language film at the international box office and the first Bengali film ever to release in China. Commenting on his work, NBC News called Noor, “one of the great new talents of our time.”

The video ‘Bengali Pyscho’is a lockdown adaptation of ‘American Pyscho.’ Rahsaan Noor arrived in Mumbai ready to begin work on his new movie, Coco & Nut. Little did he know the world was about to come to a screeching halt. In Mumbai, he would remain in lockdown.Though he is doing his level best to support and contribute to his community, he is having to do so while socially isolated.

With each passing day, he is becoming increasingly aware of his loneliness – falling into the depths of madness.

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