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Miss India Arissa Khan Celebrates Indian Culture with Iconic ‘Ghunghat’ on the Cannes Red Carpet….

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Staff Reporter : Mumbai, 24th. May 2024.

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival witnessed a historic moment as Miss India and Fashion entrepreneur Arissa Khan graced the red carpet, radiating elegance and cultural pride. She was one of the few representing India on this esteemed international platform.

Arissa Khan made a striking appearance in an elaborately designed gown by Dolly J. In a trailblazing move, Arissa wore a ‘Ghunghat’ on a Western outfit at Cannes, a poignant gesture that paid homage to her roots and showcased the rich cultural tapestry of India. This innovative fusion was a proud representation of her identity as a modern Indian woman deeply connected to her heritage.

In addition to the Dolly J gown, Arissa’s Cannes looks featured an array of exquisite ensembles from renowned Indian designers. She graced the festival in stunning outfits from Kalki Fashion, Eeksha Official, and Jajaabor, each meticulously curated to highlight the diversity and creativity of Indian fashion. Complementing her ensembles were breathtaking pieces from Miss Jo Silver Jewellery, adding a touch of traditional glamour to her contemporary looks.

_”I wanted to use this incredible platform to celebrate and honour my Indian culture, and wearing the ‘Ghunghat’ was my way of connecting with my roots while embracing the global stage”_*says Arissa*

Arissa Khan’s red carpet debut at Cannes Film Festival marks a significant milestone in her career and serves as an inspiration for young women worldwide.

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