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MIO AMORE unwraps the ‘Magic of Christmas’ with Heartwarming Christmas Campaign….

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~ Genesis Advertising adds a Bengali twist to Christmas Magic with ‘Santu Clause’~

News Stardom : Kolkata, 28th December’ 2023 – Mio Amore, a leading bakery and confectionary company, is spreading joy and festive cheer this holiday season with its enchanting Christmas campaign. As the air becomes crisp and the scent of pine fills the streets, Mio Amore invites you to experience the warmth of the season through its captivating Christmas-range cakes and a warm marketing campaign. Mio Amore offers the widest range in Bakery and Confectionary wares in Eastern India and captivates the consumers with its wide array of mouthwatering items, freshly made – just as they like it.

As Christmas holds a special place in the hearts of Bengalis. Thus, embracing the spirit of festivities, Mio Amore and Genesis conceptualized the Christmas campaign. Localized Santa Claus, the global icon for Christmas and introduced a Bengali avatar of the same and named it Santu Claus. Mio Amore personified Santu Claus to spread the joy of Christmas. And not just this year, the brand plans to extend this intellectual property to celebration Christmas for the City of Joy year on year. And thus, with him, we embarked on a whole new journey this year. We baked a Christmas campaign with utmost joy and fun as Bengal’s most loved confectionery brand.

MIO AMORE aims to create memorable moments that resonate with audiences of all ages.The Christmas campaign of “Santu Clause,” captures the essence of togetherness, love, and the joy of sharing special moments with family and friends. It fits perfectly for the people of Kolkata where Borodin is a quintessential part of their festival celebration. The campaign amplified across multiple mediums of communications like OOH, Press, Radio, Television, Digital, instore and on ground.

According to Ujjal Sinha, Founder & Managing Director, Genesis Advertising PVT. LTD. “When the agency received the brief, there were two challenges firstly we had to stand apart from the other competitors, who also get very active during Christmas and most importantly, how to make this global festival all the more local for the people of Kolkata to get a grip of the sentiment. This innovative approach is set to bring a fresh and local flavor to the Christmas narrative, offering a glimpse into the life of ‘Santu Claus’ as he navigates the festive season with a touch of Bengali charm. From sharing cakes with children to blending traditional Katha-stitch attire with his Santa ensemble, ‘Santu Claus’ embodies the spirit of togetherness and cultural diversity.”

Link to the campaign:

About the Campaign

Against the charming backdrop of Kolkata, emerges the heartwarming tale of ‘Santu Claus,’ not as a global icon but as a pot-bellied, caring uncle – a guardian of joy for the children in the neighborhood. ‘Santu Claus’ isn’t just a man; he’s a magical figure, often referred to as the “God of small beings,” intricately weaving happiness throughout the lively streets of his community.

Renowned for his keen eyes that miss nothing, ‘Santu Claus’ embodies the essence of selfless giving. He imparts happiness without expecting anything in return, earning him the affectionate title of the neighborhood’s cherished uncle and caregiver. In the eyes of many, he stands as a local hero who transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences during the festive season.

This Christmas, ‘Santu Claus’ joins hands with MIO AMORE to deliver a touch of magic with Mio Amore cakes – the perfect complement to joyous celebrations. Wandering through the locality with his sack filled with mouth-watering Mio Amore cakes, ‘Santu Claus’ paints a surreal world of imagination and fantasy, mirroring the delightful taste of these delectable treats.

The Christmas campaign spotlights ‘Santu Claus’ delivering happiness and Mio Amore cakes, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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