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Medica Group of Hospitals revolutionizes cancer care in Eastern India with state-of-the-art Medica Cancer Hospital inauguration Advanced Treatment Facilities at Medica….

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News Stardom : kolkata, 3rd. August, 2023. Robotic Surgery & Advanced Microsurgeries: Utilizing state-of-the-art Da Vinci X Robotic Surgical System and advanced microsurgeries to treat benign and malignant conditions. Recognized center for Robotic Surgery Training in Urology & Gynecologic Oncology in Eastern India.

*Radiation Oncology: High-energy x-rays or gamma rays target cancer cells with precision using TrueBeam with Hyper arch technology, minimizing harm to surrounding tissues.

*Advanced Laboratory: State-of-the-art lab offering complete Oncological treatment solutions including Histopathology, Cytopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Hematopathology, Flow Cytometry, and Molecular Tests.

*Chemotherapy/Targeted Therapy/Immunotherapy: Advanced lung cancer treatment with chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy, resulting in improved outcomes.

*Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine: Safe, painless, and cost-effective technique for diagnosing and treating various cancers including High Iodine Therapy.

*Bone Bank: The only bone bank in Eastern India.

*Palliative Care: Comprehensive Pain Management & Palliative Care for terminally ill cancer patients.
Kolkata, 3rd August 2023: Medica Group of Hospitals, Eastern India’s largest chain of private hospital, took a significant leap forward in the field of healthcare with the inauguration of their Medica Cancer Hospital in Kolkata. The momentous occasion took place when Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Medica Oncology. The inaugural ceremony of this state-of-the-art facility signifies a significant stride forward in the battle against cancer in the Eastern region, with other two units in Siliguri and Ranchi, Medica has now become the prime hospital in providing organ-specific cancer care under one roof in the region. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Guest of Honour, Hon’ble Mayor Shri Firhad Hakim, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal, Smt. Chandrima Bhattacharya, Hon’ble Minister State for Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, Dr. Hari Krishna Dwivedi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal, Shri Narayana Swaroop Nigam, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal and Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Deputy Director, CCE, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. The Cancer Unit launch event was also graced by Mr. R Venkatesh, CEO, Sheares India Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd. , healthcare investment arm of Temasek Holdings, Singapore, sovereign fund of Government of Singapore. Sheares India Healthcare is a majority stakeholder at Medica as well as other prominent healthcare facilities in the country. Their presence at the event exemplifies the collective determination of the healthcare community to elevate cancer care facility in the state. The visionary leadership of Medica Superspecialty Hospital, including Dr. Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals, Mr. R Udayan Lahiry, Managing Director, Medica Hospitals and Mr. Ayanabh Deb Gupta, Jt. Managing Director of Medica Hospitals were present in the inauguration. Alongside them, was Dr. Sourav Dutta, Senior Consultant & Director, Medica Oncology, and several other eminent doctors of Medica Superspecialty & Medica Oncology whose expertise and commitment played a pivotal role in setting up the Cancer Unit’s establishment.
Medica Cancer Hospitals, an integral part of Medica Oncology, forms a network of advanced cancer care units spanning Kolkata, Siliguri, and Ranchi. As the region’s forefront hospital chain in comprehensive cancer treatment, Medica Cancer Hospitals proudly embraces cutting-edge medical, surgical, and radiation oncology technologies. Its ultimate mission revolves around delivering super-specialized cancer care to the people in eastern India, ensuring easy access to the most advanced and effective treatment options for organ-specific cancer cases. The clinical team at Medica Oncology comprises highly experienced and skilled physicians, surgeons, and radiation therapists who work diligently to offer the latest treatment therapies, including immunotherapy, as well as state-of-the-art interventions like Robotic Surgery.


On this special occasion, Dr. Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals, shared, “With the inauguration of the Medica Cancer Hospital in Kolkata, we are taking a significant step towards transforming healthcare in Eastern India. Our track record of successful Oncology units in Siliguri and Ranchi has inspired us to extend our commitment to provide world-class care to even more patients in this region. By offering top-notch treatment locally, we aim to ease the burden on cancer patients and their families, sparing them the need to seek treatment elsewhere. Witnessing the triumph of patients in their fight against cancer and enabling their journey towards a cancer-free life has been profoundly rewarding. At Medica Group of Hospitals, we firmly believe that every cancer patient deserves the best possible care and support, and we are proud to contribute to their well-being, ensuring they can access exceptional treatment without having to venture far from home.”
Mr. R. Udayan Lahiry, Managing Director, Medica Group of Hospitals stated, “From the depths of our hearts, we express heartfelt gratitude to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for inaugurating Medica Cancer Hospital, Kolkata. This hospital provides a dedicated cancer care facility that reflects our sincere commitment to advancement of healthcare in Bengal. With an investment of over Rupees 250 crores , and a potential to generate employment for over 1500 people, we now have a state-of-the-art 500-bed Superspecialty medical institution, offering advanced cancer care and multi specialty modalities for holistic care. Our mission is to provide modern, affordable healthcare, aligning with the vision of the West Bengal government, to provide, modern, effective, and affordable healthcare to its citizens. This hospital will be the most comprehensive cancer care facility of the region. Equipped with advanced technologies like radiation therapy, PET CT, and therapeutic nuclear medicine, our facility brings the latest in medical, surgical, and radiation oncology to Bengal. We are committed to empowering our community with the gift of good health, and a beacon of hope for thousands of patients.”
Mr. Ayanabh Deb Gupta, Jt. Managing Director, Medica Group of Hospitals said, “Our journey at Medica Group of Hospitals is fueled by our commitment to our region’s well-being. Witnessing the exodus of people seeking cancer treatment in South India and Mumbai, we recognized the pressing need to alleviate this burden. Thirteen years ago, our vision took root, and today establishing Medica Cancer Hospital is a dream brought to life. Our team of 30 esteemed oncologists trained and experienced at Tata Memorial Center and dedicated caregivers strive to provide the best possible cancer care, ensuring people no longer need to seek treatment beyond our region’s boundaries. Today, our hospital stands as a comprehensive center of excellence for cancer care, delivering treatments with utmost efficacy. Every step we take is guided by the belief that compassionate, accessible care should be within reach for everyone.”
Dr. Sourav Dutta, Senior Consultant & Director (Medica Oncology) shared, “Today marks a profound milestone as we inaugurate the Medica Cancer Hospital. Our team comprises dedicated members from Tata Cancer Hospital, ensuring continuity of high-quality care and ethics. Collaborating with 15 brilliant students from Tata Memorial, and esteemed oncology surgeons from PGI Chandigarh and CMC Vellore, we strive to make a significant impact in the lives of cancer patients, offering hope and healing at Medica Cancer Hospital.”
Mr. R Venkatesh, CEO, Sheares India Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd., stated, “We firmly believe in the potential of Eastern India’s healthcare landscape and are committed to elevating its standards by partnering with Medica Group of Hospitals. Through our latest investment, we aim to redefine healthcare in the region, making cutting-edge medical services accessible to all. Sheares India Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to fostering a healthier future for the people of Eastern India, where world-class technology & expertise meets compassionate care. On behalf of our company, I congratulate every individual, doctors, technicians and care givers at Medica on this momentous day.”
With a longstanding reputation for excellence and an unwavering dedication to patient well-being, Medica’s newest addition promises to revolutionize cancer treatment, offering a comprehensive range of specialized services and innovative medical technologies.

About Medica Group of Hospitals:
Medica Group of Hospitals, one of the major chains of hospitals in Eastern India today, has built and managed numerous healthcare facilities across the Eastern region over the past few years. The group has footprints in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Assam.

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