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Mechtronz Smart Solution Unveils Green Workplace Corporate Excellence Awards 2023-24….

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Staff Reporter : Kolkata, 24th.February, 2024 – Mechtronz Smart Solution proudly announces the launch of the Green Workplace Corporate Excellence Awards 2023-24, aimed at honoring organizations committed to environmentally sustainable practices and fostering a green future for generations to come.

The Global Green Future Leadership Awards, a cornerstone of this initiative, celebrates organizations championing eco-friendly activities, ensuring that their processes, products, and manufacturing endeavors prioritize environmental concerns without compromising profitability. Embracing the ethos of sustainable development, Mechtronz Smart Solution recognizes the imperative of meeting present needs while safeguarding the resources for future generations.

The 2023-24 Conference series, themed “Green Workplace Conference & Excellence Awards,” stands as a testament to Mechtronz Smart Solution’s dedication to sustainability, technology, and global trends. Spanning from January to December 2023, this series will culminate in the flagship edition of the Workplace Excellence Conference & Awards, drawing over 250 corporates encompassing diverse sectors such as Maintenance, Projects, Administration, Procurement, and Sustainability.

Shahina Akhtar, Director at Mechtronz Smart Solution, expresses excitement about the forthcoming event: “2023 marks the bridge between the pandemic’s impact on workplaces and the future ahead. Our Conference series promises to ignite discussions on sustainable practices, technological innovations, and global trends shaping the green workplace landscape.”

“As a Director at CKC Fragnance, I commend Mechtronz Smart Solution for spearheading the Green Workplace Corporate Excellence Awards 2023-24, fostering sustainability and innovation for a brighter tomorrow.” said Mr. Rishabh C Kothari, Director at CKC Fragnance.

This premier event invites partnerships from organizations committed to driving sustainability and innovation in their respective domains. The attached partnership document outlines collaborative opportunities for interested parties.

As Mechtronz Smart Solution leads the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future, the Green Workplace Corporate Excellence Awards 2023-24 stand as a beacon of hope, inspiring businesses worldwide to embrace eco-conscious practices and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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