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Life is a Juxaposition…..

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Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

I live in a contrasting reality,
In dreams lies the absolution of any possibility.
Yet in disappointment lies our vulnerability,
The sky is fair and then dark yet they exist in solidarity,
The deserts and the oceans merge,
So do the spirtual leaders in the search of upsurge,
Hunger and Satisfaction are such a contrast,
But in everway together it does last,
If bitter was sweet, and sweet was bitter,
In any ways they would have existed together,
Like the north and south poles make a globe,
To create an internal experience we need a ear lobe,
How crude is the simple,
Yet so difficult to touch as the stars in the sky that twinkle.
The softest part in our body beats hard,
When the reality that eyes show two soft lids can hardly ward…
I am me , yet again I want to become myself,
Why to find happiness outside must we inside ourselves delve?
If the hedgehog was a fruit it would have been the strawberry,
A lamb we love to put on our plates and build houses with iron bar that will not make us weary.
The truth of it all is the lie of it all around,
This is why we remain grounded to make meaning of what does surround.
Life is good and bad,
Happy and sad,
Sensibly atrociously mad,
An alien of a best friend can be accepted once glad.


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