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‘Leveraging Dream India’……

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News Stardom : Kolkata, 15th. August, 2020. At a Special e-Session organised by Bharat Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day celebrations on August 15, 2020 members shared their vision and thoughts on ‘Leveraging Dream India’. The Session was addressed by Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, PVSM, AVSM, VM (Retd), Advisor, Defence Sub-Committee of the Chamber, Shri Sitaram Sharma, Immediate Past President of the Chamber and Mentor, Defence Sub-Committee of the Chamber, Ms. Rochita Dey, Member, Bharat Chamber Young Business Forum and Bharat Chamber Ladies Forum and other senior members of the Chamber.

Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, PVSM, AVSM, VM (Retd.) in his Address stated that Indians should not forget their history of freedom struggle. He observed that India’s Constitution is the best in the world but the political discourse of the country has got diverted from the objectives of democracy. “India has progressed a lot in spite of her many shortcomings. If Indians continue to carry out their fundamental duties honestly, we will definitely become a superpower”, he added.

In his Address, Air Chief Marshal Raha stressed that a corruption-free administration and a reformed judicial system are indispensable for creating the dream nation. He added, “Today is the day of introspection besides paying homage to them who have sacrificed their lives for gifting us an independent country. Let us all pledge today that we will be responsible and disciplined citizens of the nation.”

Shri Sitaram Sharma, Immediate past President of Bharat Chamber of Commerce, sharing his vision of ‘Dream India’ observed, “Mahatma Gandhi’s dream India of no caste or gender barriers is still a work in progress and unfortunately, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s ‘Directive Principles’ have also not received relevance in India’s governance after its Independence.” Shri Sharma emphasised that Directive Principles of State Policy which states the importance of the development of Health and Education in the country should be given utmost importance to create the nation of our dreams.

Born on August 13, 1946 in the pre-independence era, Shri Sharma has seen the country freeing itself from the shackles of British rule and witnessing all the significant and historic moments post independence. In this regard, Shri Sharma stated, “Prior to Independence, our Dream was Freedom of the nation and post Independence, the Dream was to end poverty, ignorance and inequality. Though we have been unable to create a poverty free India, we are progressing rapidly towards achieving that goal. Economic emancipation and a vibrant economy is my Dream India.”

The auspicious day holds a special meaning for Ms. Rochita Dey, Director, Sreeleathers and Founder, House of SL. Ms. Dey is the proud grand daughter of freedom fighter, Shri Suresh Chandra Dey, who had not only fought relentlessly for freedom against British capitalism but also his vision for strengthening indigenous manufacturing led to the genesis of Sreeleathers, one of the most successful footwear brands of the country. Sharing her thoughts on the occasion, Ms. Dey stated, “It is the younger generation’s turn to take forward the aspirations and the dreams of our forefathers who have devoted their lives for the freedom of the country.” She added, “India is a reservoir of entrepreneurs and such talent needs to be given more encouragement. The country’s resources should be properly leveraged so that it becomes one of the most formidable economic powers of the world in the near future.”

Earlier in his Welcome Address, Shri Ramesh Kumar Saraogi, President stated, “It is a matter of pride that Bengal was the nerve centre of a pan-Indian network of revolutionary societies and this had a tremendous contribution to India’s Independence. My dream is – Bengal once again becomes the manufacturing hub of India.”

Shri Saraogi in his Address felt that the nation’s dream of becoming a US$ 5 trillion economy by 2025 has received a serious jolt by the pandemic caused by corona virus. Shri Saraogi, however, felt that the call for indigenisation and to become Atmanirbhar is again a Swadeshi movement and if the emerging opportunities can be transformed into reality, the nation can truly become the supply chain not only for the Indian economy, but also for the global economy.

Industrialist and senior member of the Chamber, Shri Santosh Rungta expressed that Independence Day is not merely celebration of the day India got freedom but it should hold a deeper significance for every Indian. Shri Rungta said, “The fire that was lit by our freedom fighters must keep burning in the hearts of every individual for generations to come.” Highlighting the importance of Freedom of Speech as an important feature of the Indian Constitution, Shri Rungta stated, “We must create such a country where issues of governance and areas of development can be raised without fear. We must take a pledge today that we will not deter to voice our opinions on issues concerning the betterment of the nation.”

Expressing the emotions of the momentous day through songs, Smt. Anusua Das, Director, Power Max India Pvt. Ltd. and Aptech Computer Education and Member, Bharat Chamber Ladies Forum performed patriotic songs at the e-Session.

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