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News Stardom: January 14,2020– Kellogg’s, India’s leading breakfast cereals brand, launched a new campaign titled ‘Breakfast Se Badhkar’. The campaign is brought to life with a multi-media and a multi-lingual film and looks to partner mothers in their daily attempt to providing nutrition to their children in time-pressed mornings.
The campaign takes on a unique approach by narrating the perspective of children through the film. They are seen engaging in everyday settings like a playground, in classroom and in extra-curricular activities. The film then brings out the mother’s aspiration in helping her child achieve those tasks with an emotional appeal of offering ‘ek chammach aur’, translating to one extra spoon of food in the morning. It’s her attempt of urging her child to perform an extra task during the day to achieve that daily triumph, academically or beyond. The film finally ends with showing a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal with milk as a nourishing option of a balanced breakfast which has the ‘Power of Five’ – Energy, Protein, Calcium, Iron and Vitamins.
The new communication has multiple legs, including a digital film on YouTube, a film in multiple languages on television across multiple genres, targeting mothers between the age group of 25-44, and mother advocacy blogs propagating the importance of a balanced breakfast in line with Kellogg’s own offerings.
Sharing insight into the campaign, Sumit Mathur, Director Marketing, Kellogg South Asia said, “As an organization, we live by the purpose of ‘Nourishing India’s Potential’. We have demonstrated it in several ways. We recently announced our ongoing programme of offering a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal with milk to children from underprivileged sections of society as daily breakfast. We are also on a mission to drive a behavioral change in many urban Indian consumers who skip or skimp breakfast due to lack of time. The new Masterbrand campaign is our attempt to bring alive our purpose and drive this behavioural change. The film explains how breakfast is the morning hero to help achieve children achieve their best that day and every day. This insight is supplemented with an endearing and relatable touch where a mother’s concern for her kid is captured in the phrase ‘ek chammach aur’.”
Speaking about the campaign, Anurag Agnihotri, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy said, “A mother usually wants her kid to eat just a bit more. We took this insight to mean that every time a mom says to her kid, “ek chammach aur kha lo”, what she actually wants is “to push a bit harder everyday”. ‘Ek chammach aur’ is the insight that has gone into Kellogg’s latest communication. The stories are told from kids’ point of view. Engaged in some activity or sports, they charm the viewer by demonstrating what is it that mom means when she coaxes them to eat just a bit more. In the process, Kellogg’s is seen as a great option for every morning, a breakfast which is ‘Breakfast Se Badhkar’.”
You can view the digital film here – Kellogg’s Breakfast Se Badhkar | Hindi | 30 Seconds
Kellogg’s Breakfast Se Badhkar | Bengali | 30 Seconds

Campaign credits:
Kellogg India Pvt. Ltd.
Sumit Mathur, Saurabh Nath, Khushbu Jhaveri, Tanvi Swami, Parth Nariewala, Puja Chandna, Vidur Sarin, Disha Goyal
Ogilvy, Mumbai
Chief Creative Officer
Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Executive Creative Director
Anurag Agnihotri
Creative Team
Saurabh Dikshit, Shahrukh Irani
Planning (design)
Prem Narayan
Chitralekha Chetia, Sean Silveria, Divya Adekar, Nikita Minda
Production House
Good Morning films
Shashank Chaturvedi

About Kellogg India Private Limited:
Kellogg’s is a pioneering global food brand and offers a variety of nourishing breakfast cereals and snacking options. Kellogg Company entered India in 1994 and since then Kellogg India Private Limited has innovated, invested in and built the breakfast cereal category in the country. We serve consumers with a wide range of cereals which are made with staple grains like wheat, corn, rice and ragi oats (oats is not staple in India). Our range of cereals cater to all family, children and adults and some of the loved brands include Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, Kellogg’s CHOCOS®, Kellogg’s Muesli, Kellogg’s Chocos Fills & Kellogg’s Oats.
Guided by a set of values like integrity, accountability and humility; we define our purpose as ‘Nourishing India’s Potential’. Research* shows that 1 in 3 urban Indians claim to skip breakfast and 3 in 4 have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast. We passionately believe in the power and promise that comes from eating a nourishing breakfast. It’s the first fuel for our bodies—nourishing us for today, tomorrow and for life. We are actively looking to spread awareness on benefits of breakfast and relevance of cereals in India through multiple initiatives.
To know more about our responsible leadership, foods that delight and how we strive to make difference to our communities around the globe, please visit For India spe.

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