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ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti Milk launches a heartwarming campaign for World Milk Day….

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Staff Reporter : Kolkata 5th. June 2024: On the occasion of World Milk Day, Aashirvaad Svasti, a leading dairy brand from ITC, is delighted to announce a heartfelt campaign, #AajDoodhPiyaKya, a question pertinent to most Indian households. Milk is widely consumed for its nutritional value and is an integral part of the balanced diet for many Indians.

The campaign builds on the insight that for holistic development, growing children are advised to consume milk as a part of their healthy diet. However, it’s also observed that children are the most averse to consuming milk, leading to many family members and well-wishers coming together to ensure children have their daily milk by asking – “Aaj doodh piya kya?”. This phrase, familiar to countless children in India as a question from family members, friendly neighbors, well-meaning teachers, and more, is actually an expression of care and concern. Aashirvaad Svasti acknowledges and celebrates all these well-wishers with a heart-warming film released on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

The film follows a young woman named Ria, who reminisces about being asked this question by her grandmother, security guard, neighbour, teacher, brother, and house help. The narrative seamlessly transitions from young Ria to present-day Ria, who continues the tradition by raising her glass of milk in honour of all the loved ones who have cared for her by asking ‘Aaj dhoodh piya kya?’. The film closes with a message encouraging everyone to #RaiseAGlassOfMilk to all those who have shown their affection through this simple question.

In addition to the film, Aashirvaad Svasti is also is hosting an online contest on Facebook (@SvastiMilkAashirvaad) and Instagram (@aashirvaad_svastimilk), inviting participants to upload photos of themselves raising a glass of milk in the honour of their caregivers and mentors, expressing gratitude, and sharing stories of being urged to drink milk in their childhood. Participants can use hashtags #AajDoodhPiyaKya #RaiseAGlassOfMilk to share their stories and photos.

Abhishek Mehrotra, Vice President & Head of Marketing – Dairy & Beverages ITC Ltd., said, “Milk has always been an integral part of our culture and daily lives, and the simple question ‘Aaj Doodh Piya Kya?’ is deeply rooted in the affection and care that our loved ones have shown us over the years. Through this campaign, we aim to celebrate and honour the countless caregivers – from mothers and grandparents to teachers and neighbours – who have ensured that we receive the goodness of milk every day.”

About Aashirvaad Svasti Fresh Dairy: ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti offers a variety of dairy products which includes Select Milk, Toned Milk, Double Toned Milk, Standardized Milk, Easy Digest Milk, Cow Milk, Curd, Paneer, Rose Lassi, Mango Lassi, Shahi Lassi, Mishti Doi and Shahi Peda. The products are currently available in selected cities of West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand. ITC’s ‘Project Gomukh’ is a collaboration with a network of reliable farmers from whom milk is procured, ensuring quality and hygiene. Each day, high quality milk is collected by checking every sample from every farmer which further goes through multiple quality checks at various stages to ensure tasty and nutritious products for the consumer.

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