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Introducing the EDIFICE WINDFLOW ECB 2200: A Fusion of Speed and Precision inspired by Formula Racing….

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Staff Reporter : New Delhi, 29th. October, 2023. Casio Computer Co. Ltd, headquartered in Japan and the parent company of Casio India announces the launch of the all-new EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200 – a digital-analog combination chronograph that pays homage to the heart-pounding world of motorsports. This is the latest addition to Casio’s EDIFICE line of high-performance sports chronographs that are renowned for combining dynamic design with advanced technology.
Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines of a fender-pontooned formula race car, the side profile of the ECB 2200 evokes the sensation of wind slicing through speed, while its dynamic mechanical face exudes an aura of sheer velocity. The carbon fiber reinforced resin case offers uncompromising strength without adding bulk, resulting in a remarkably wearable timepiece.
Powered by Tough Solar technology, the ECB 2200 range harnesses energy from natural and artificial light sources, ensuring up to 7 months of uninterrupted use on a single charge. The black ion-plated finish on the band provides scratch resistance, ensuring that the timepiece maintains its striking appearance through the rigors of racing and everyday wear.
The watch seamlessly syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth and the Casio watches app, granting access to a suite of functions crucial for racing enthusiasts. The new watch offers an experience of precision timekeeping that adjusts to the second, allowing the watch enthusiasts to effortlessly manage global time zones, seamlessly transfer stopwatch data down to the millisecond for up to 200 lap times to the smartphone, and illuminate the analog face with the Super Illuminator feature. In the event wherein the phone gets misplaced, the Phone Finder function built into the watch proves to be a handy tool for locating it swiftly.
Incorporating cutting-edge technology and design inspired by the world of motorsports, the EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200 is a thrilling experience for watch and racing enthusiasts alike, offering the perfect blend of precision, style, and functionality.
There are two stylish color SKUs in this series – ECB-2200DD-1A with blue accents, priced at INR 19,995, and ECB-2200P-1ADF with red accents, priced at INR 18,995. These timepieces are available at exclusive Casio India and G-SHOCK stores across the country. Customers can also shop this remarkable timepiece online at:

About Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd.:
Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd.(CIC) is the Indian subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Casio India has established a dynamic presence in the Indian market since 1996, emerging as a leading and cherished consumer goods manufacturer. Casio India’s range of products include sales and marketing of Timepieces, Electronic Musical Instruments, Desktop Calculators, Scientific Calculators, Label Printers and Clocks.

Setting the benchmark for excellence, Casio India is dedicated to embodying the spirit of innovation and quality that defines the Casio legacy. With a strong commitment to its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution,” Casio has consistently translated this ethos into the creation of innovative products making a positive impact on society.

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