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Biplab Majumdar:An Indo-English Poet

HIS terrestrial thunderclaps roll on
The trailblazing track of time
And roll on. There are whispers of moon
Smell of slumber
Fall of leaves
At the death of darkness.And an anonymous
Sudden screme of shadow
Fangs of fire
Flame forested forenoon
Of far-flung foreplay.
Pyre of passion
Postpones paradigmatic
Primrose Puranic prayers.
Surprise of spring
Segues into a
Sing-song sanguine soul.
And I badly beseech
For a bluish blooming bliss.HIS terrific thunderclaps roll on
The tumbling tattered time
And roll on.There are so much
Light of life
Warmth of world
Celebration of colours
So much joy of jugglers
Murmur of mountains
Mystifies my meditative
Monistic mornings.
Destruction of devil
Dims my dappled
Dreamful daffodil days.
Hurricane of hinterland
Hijacks my hard-won
Harlequin heaven.
With echoed eternity
With abysmal amazement
With fantasized futurity
I look for
Maverick message of mirth.HIS timeless thunderclaps roll on
The tone-deaf tomb of time
And roll on.Tantalising transgressive thirsts
Tower over my
Translucent turquoise thrills.
Streams of sensuality
Surprise my
Pulsating panoramic perception.
My bewitched bivouacking on
Brimful balsam breasts
My dream-drenched deviations
From poetic pilgrimage
My columbine confessions
On worldly wilderness
View vast vista of void
In vignettes of vermilion vices.
And I desperately look for the
Rainbow respite of redemption
.HIS torrential thunderclaps roll on
The trembling texture of time
And roll on.Death-defying dark horses
Dash to the
Dale of deconstruction
In order to
Decode deductive double life.
Seasons of sea
Step on
Sunken sunset of
Symphonic saga.
Spangled screen of soul
Succumbs to surrealistic
Sepulchral silence.
A poetic penumbra plays
On lone lake of
Mesmerising mindscapes.
Our ephemeral echoed everydayness
Are abjectly abandoned
In the lanes and bylanes of earth.
Waves of night
Lap on
The shore of
Harrowing horizon.
Scintillating Supernovas
Surpass stellar storms
Of the thought of end.
Lecherous lips of lotus
Levitate in
Luring lopsided longings.
Wisdom of words
Whizzes back to the
Womb of whirlwind.
With wayward waterfalls
With windswept wildfire
With wafts of wonder
I seek solace in
Visions of Vedas
Mournings of Mahabharata
Questions of Quarana
Utterances of Upanishada
Bliss of Bible
And they shower
Sublime sunshine on
My restive retrospection.HIS tremendous thunderclaps roll on
The track of Troubadours
And roll on.Puce pristine psychodrama
Provokes prejudically a
Philharmonic pyrrhic victory.
In this macabre make-believe world
An insatiable Ikarus
Invades inscape of
Mottled magic-realism.
Mauve marvel of moments
Mirrors majestically
The perplexing peepshows
Of paraphrasic perception.
And at the end of all
Petalic philosophy of poems,
The transient time is
Transcribed triumphantly
Into a transfixing TRUTH.HIS transcendental thunderclaps roll on
The track of timeless trance
And roll on.

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