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‘GRUB NE BANA DI JODI’ A film by – Satrajit Sen……

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News Stardom: Kolkata, 31May, 2020. Tripod Entertainment presents & powered by Offbeat Essentials,
Log Line-
‘GRUB NE BANA DI JODI’ is a short fantasy film centered on food and cooking during the lockdown period.
The story pans across India (Kolkata), USA, London, Paris and Canada and how food is helping bring couples together across the globe.

A character called “SAMAY” (akin to the one in Mahabharata), which is being played by ‘Mir Afsar Ali’ gives 4 couples a task of making 4 special dishes for him. He gives them the condition that if he is happy with the dishes, he shall help remove Corona from their country and the lockdown shall be removed. Because he is SAMAY he can control the situation. All the couples are either currently having a tiff with each other or have quarreled for trivial reasons.

So SAMAY plays a game show with them called ‘GRUB NE BANA DI JODI’….wherein both the spouses cook the dish together and amidst all this, they spend quality time with each other and also their tiffs are sorted. SAMAY has a sidekick called ‘FOODKA’ (who plays his Food Minister), played by ‘FOODKA’, Mr.Indrajit Lahiri.

After the couples make the dishes, they meet SAMAY on a video call, where SAMAY tells them, that food was only an excuse and the game show was only for fun. It was a small fun exercise to bring them together and food was the catalyst. SAMAY finally signs off stating that he is the only one who can heal the world because he is all-pervasive and omnipotent.

Cast & Crew details
‘GRUB NE BANA DI JODI’ directed by- Satrajit Sen. The title song of this film is sung by the immensely popular Lagnajita Chakraborty, composed by Diptarka Bose and penned by Samrat Mukherjee.
The film is edited by- Aditya Sengupta.
Cast –
Mir Afsar Ali & Mr.Indrajit Lahiri (Foodka) The film has been shot extensively across the world with couples from Paris, Canada, USA, and Scotland participating in it, which makes it truly global in nature. The languages used by the characters of the film are Hindi and English.
All the couples are in the films are real-life couples, no one is a professional actor. The film has been made by maintaining all the social distancing rules.

You also maintain the same and watch
on the YouTube channel ‘Foodka’

Duration: 24.41minutes

PRO- Mr. Sudeep Yadav.

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