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Gopal Debnath- kolkata,26th.December. ECTA (pronounced Ekta), a renowned theatre company from New Jersey USA, will be touring Kolkata and its suburbs with their latest Bengali theatrical production “Apaharan” (The Abduction). The play is written by Sudipta Bhawmik and directed by Soumendu Bhattacharya. The cast includes, Sudipta Bhawmik, Surath Sinha, Sayantani Basu Datta, Kanjaz Chakravarty, Keshab Chatterjee, Arpana Bhattacharya, Soumendu Bhattacharya. Lights – Somenath Chatterjee, Sound – Arup Chakrabarty, Makeup – Gautam Sen and Sets – Jimbo.

The show schedule is given below.
• December 27, 6:30pm – 7th National Theatre Festival, Rang Yatra, Gobardanga Sanskriti Kendra, Gobardanga
• December 28, 3:00pm – 12th Ganga Yamuna Theatre Festival organized by Aneek, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
• December 29, 6:30pm – Tollygunge Club, Kolkata
• January 2, 6:30pm – Minerva Theatre, presented by Purba Paschim Theatre group.
Synopsis of the play “Apaharan”:
Throughout the world, thousands of children are reported missing each year. Disturbingly, the data shows that it is far more common for a non-custodial parent to be the kidnapper. The play APAHARAN journeys through a visceral analysis of this social issue. The play puts us at a crossroads with many unanswered, uncomfortable questions. Who should decide the parental custody of the child? Should we entrust the legal system? Should the child’s wishes be weighed in too? What’s the biggest fear of non-custodial parents? Is it your child growing up without knowing you? And what will drive a parent’s desperation to “forcibly” get the custody of the child? Is it even possible to come up with clear, decisive answers to these unsettling questions in plain black-and-white?
Bhaswati, after going through a bitter divorce with Probal, leaves USA and returns to India with their daughter Titli. Probal tries all legal routes to get back her daughter but fails to succeed. Although Titli is a US citizen, the US state department cannot offer any help, as India is not a signatory to the Hague abduction convention treaty. Probal is left with no other option but to take a dangerous and clandestine approach to get back his baby. But will he take that step?

ECTA Inc. is a nonprofit theater company dedicated to the development and promotion of Indian art and culture in USA. ECTA Inc. mission is to tell own stories through theater and other performing arts media. Objectives are to present live theatre and other performing arts productions for the cultural education, entertainment, and inspiration of the community; to develop through theatrical workshops and other appropriate, means, the artistic talents and skills of company members and other interested persons. ECTA has earned the distinction of producing plays that are related to our immigrant life and experience. They have staged their shows across USA and in India. Some of their productions, like “Phera”, “Kaalsuddhi”, “Durghatana”, “Ron”, “Rajar Chithi”, Satyameva” and “Anahuta Sandhya”. The plays “Palok” and “Cold Fusion” have won the hearts of theater lovers. The latest productions include “Iswar, Prithibi, Bhalobasa”,”The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist” , “Nagorik?” and “Apaharan”.

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