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Desun Hospitals Collaborates with Election Commission SVEEP Department to Empower Women and Support Election Workers with Health Hygiene Kits….

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L-R- Dr.Mohit Kharbanda, Director, Critical Care,Desun Hospital, Dr. Aparupa Ghosh, Consultant Gynaecologist, Ms.Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospitals Group. Mr.Biswajit Dasgupta, Nodal officer SVEEPD Sujoy Ranjan Deb, Medical Director

Staff Reporter : Kolkata, 29th. May, 2024 – Desun Hospital, in association with the Election Commission’s Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) department, proudly announced a special initiative aimed at empowering women and supporting election workers. As part of this initiative, Desun Hospital distributed health and hygiene kits to the ‘Pink Booths’ dedicated to women empowerment. These health kits not only served as a symbol of support but also provided essential medical supplies to ensure the well-being of the women participating in the electoral process.

In addition to the ‘Pink Booths’, Desun Hospital extended this gesture by providing health and hygiene kits to female workers in every pink booth for the election, including those on duty and the polling personnel. This initiative underscored Desun Hospital’s commitment to the health and safety of the community, especially during the crucial time of elections.

The program, themed “Your Health, Our Responsibility,” emphasized the hospital’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of all participants involved in the electoral process.

Ms. Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospitals Group, Senior Consultants from Desun Hospital including Dr. Sujoy Ranjan Deb, Medical Director, Dr. Aparupa Ghosh, Consultant Gynaecologist, and Dr. Mohit Kharbanda, Director, Critical Care, Desun Hospital, Kolkata and officers from Election Commission of India graced the occasion, reaffirming the hospital’s steadfast commitment to public health.

Ms. Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospitals Group, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, stating, “We believed in the importance of supporting and empowering women, particularly during the election process. By providing health and hygiene kits to the ‘Pink Booths’ and their election workers, we aimed to ensure their well-being and highlight the significance of their contributions. At Desun, we always strived to take such initiatives to another level, ensuring that our community received the care and support it deserved.”

This effort by Desun Hospitals highlighted their dedication to holistic health and community service, setting a new standard for community involvement and support during the electoral process. Desun Hospitals remained committed to advancing health and wellness in the community and continued to lead by example through such meaningful initiatives.

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