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Desun Hospital Achieves Medical Marvel…..

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*Successful MICS Surgery Saves Life of Patient with Multiple Complex Conditions*
News stardom : Kolkata, 14th. October, 2023. Desun Hospital is pleased to announce the successful completion of a complex and challenging Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) on a 68-year-old gentleman with a history of Marfan’s syndrome, COPD, Chronic Kidney disease, Gout, and a history of abdominal surgery with a functioning colostomy. The patient was referred to us by an eminent Medical practitioner, and we are proud to share this remarkable medical achievement.
The patient’s condition was further complicated by a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart, posing a significant threat to his overall health. Due to the multitude of comorbidities, the surgical planning required careful consideration and precision. Our dedicated medical team, led by Dr.Soumya Guha, Consultant – Cardiothoracic Surgery, at Desun Hospital, embarked on a comprehensive workup and had extensive discussions with the patient regarding the surgery.
To ensure the best possible outcome, the patient was admitted and his comorbidities were optimized to the greatest extent feasible. With unwavering determination and expertise, we performed a Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, involving an aortic valve replacement and reduction aortoplasty.
Thanks to the successful MICS procedure, the patient experienced a remarkable recovery. He was extubated early in the postoperative period, leading to less pain, reduced blood transfusion requirements, and quicker mobilization. This accomplishment underscores the significance of MICS techniques in complex cases and highlights the commitment of Desun Hospital to delivering top-notch medical care.
Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospital, expressed her thoughts on this incredible achievement, stating, “We are immensely proud of our dedicated team’s exceptional effort in successfully addressing this patient’s complex medical condition. This case exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical excellence and providing hope to individuals facing challenging health issues. MICS techniques played a pivotal role in this patient’s recovery, and we are thrilled to have been able to make a difference in his life.”
Dr.Soumya Guha, Consultant – Cardiothoracic Surgery, at Desun Hospital, commented on this remarkable achievement, stating, “Overcoming the clinical challenges presented by this patient’s complex medical history was a true test of our skills and determination. Through meticulous planning and advanced surgical techniques, we were able to provide the patient with a successful outcome, offering hope and renewed health.”
Desun Hospital continues to lead the way in advanced medical treatments and minimally invasive surgical techniques, demonstrating their dedication to improving the quality of life for their patients.
*About Desun Hospital Kolkata*
Desun hospital, Kolkata offers a comprehensive range of tertiary care services across more than 45 specialities, including Cardiac Sciences, Cancer (Medical, Surgical, and Radiation), Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Urology, Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology, among others. The institution is renowned for its round-the-clock emergency and critical care facility, providing prompt and specialized medical attention when it matters the most.
*About Desun Hospital Group:*
With all super-speciality tertiary care facilities, Desun Hospital Group is a one-stop healthcare destination for all. Founded by Mr. Sajal Dutta headquartered in Kolkata, 750 bedded hospital in Kolkata and 300 bedded hospital in Siliguri, Desun Hospital Group is a leading healthcare institution in Eastern India, committed to deliver exceptional medical care and services. With a strong emphasis on patient well-being, Desun Hospital Group has consistently set high standards in healthcare and continues to strive for excellence.

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