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Bambi’s Journey…..

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Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

My little Bambi,
I saw you as a child in a cartoon,
I was eating chocolate ice-cream with a spoon,
I would pinch the skin on me,
Yes it was true love,
I loved my little Bambi,
My mother bought me a toy who looked like you,
My father made a film and put the toy in it for the few,
Who would know how to use a toy to create magic,
It was Bambi again ,oh so strategic,
As I grew older I met a man ,
His eyes had a fluttering look like you,
I tried to not use your name as much as I can,
But ofcourse a few knew,
Why I ended in calling him Bambi.
I was often told cartoons are not real,
Someone drew them, so I started to draw as I would sincerely feel,
The incredible Bambi,
Everyone said it was a only a deer really,
When I realised that love is conditional,
It was because Bambi had left me,
Some called me stupidly emotional,
That I wept more than any truth I wanted to see.
The video animated tape now has fungus,
And the stuff toy lies with wool torn out of the stitches now a dirty mass,
My fathers’ film showed how it looked before,
But only in film did it now have it’s allure,
I could see through the black and white of it my incredible Bambi.
I thought of becoming an actor,
Things started rolling faster,
I visited Africa as my character demanded so,
There as I lay in the hammock dozing as it’s motion would go,
I felt a wet tickle on my nose,
As if with a familiar pose,
Behold in front of me, stood Bambi!
I knew now that my belief was real,
As it chomped from my hands it’s grassy meal,
My Bambi had travelled so many years and had come to me,
In things , in thoughts to the reality that we want to be.
I love you my Bambi,
My honey, my little sweet pea.
You are what my eyes had waited to see.

Moubani Sorcar


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