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Autism is not a disease. It is the name of a brain development problem……

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Sroddhanjali Dasgupta : Consultant, kolkata, 3rd. May 2023.  Autism is not a disease. It is the name of a brain development problem. Autism occurs when the maximum and full development of the brain is hindered due to retardation in the development of the brain of the fetus. We call the children who have this problem as disabled children. Children with disabilities are neglected and neglected in our society. They are considered to be diseased and some even call them the result of the creation of the parents by the Creator. Which clearly falls within the purview of religious orthodoxy.

Such irrational attitude should be avoided. Because the creator creates all his creations with special qualities. Children with disabilities are also part of our society. So they should not be humiliated or hidden. Rather, we have to stand by them in an attitude of cooperation as to how they can move forward with normal people like us. To achieve that goal we as parents, guardians and even individuals have several things to do. Eg: Children with disabilities should be exposed to nature. Let them identify with all the elements of nature. May they enjoy nature’s beauty, form, juice, smell. So that cheerfulness arises in their mentality. For entertainment they should be taken to amusement parks, sightseeing spots, various fairs and all social events. They should be accompanied regularly so that they do not feel lonely. They should be by their side. They should be given opportunities to mix with other children of the society. This will create their interactions with normal children. This will help them develop.

They should be aware of their health. Be especially careful about mental health. They should undergo regular health checkups by health workers. In front of them they should refrain from expressing sorrow for the abnormality of those children. They should always be happy. Parents have to be patient and nurture them. You have to get over your anger towards them. Even if they are excited, it should be controlled with a cool head. Sufficient number of separate specialized education centers should be set up for them. Along with this, entertainment should also be arranged for them. They should participate in competitive sports, painting etc. So that they get mental fuel to move forward. Financially disadvantaged children with disabilities should be financially assisted. Family members of disabled children should be encouraged to influence them to be patient. These children should have enough balanced food in their diet so that along with mental development, their physical development is also accelerated. Know yourself and everyone else about the Rights and Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act. We need to raise awareness to stop child abuse especially the abuse of children with disabilities. We are social creatures. Children with disabilities are also part of our society. So we have a social responsibility towards them.

We have to stand by them from that responsibility. So that they can play the role of partner in the development of our society and state like all other people, they should be given space so that their talent can accelerate the progress of our state. The world must be opened up to them in order for them to develop.

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