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Kolkata, 23rd December. This season give your hair the nourishment it deserves by soaking some natural ingredients in oil’-

With the ever-increasing pollution levels and dust, our hair is often subject to some harsh conditions. It is put to test each time and is expected to survive and be a triumphant at it, but more often than not – it fails and loses its quest to external damage. While this was not enough, weather shift and this scorching sun, exposes our hair to excessive heat and causes extreme damage to the strands. The heat makes hair go extremely dry and scalp becomes moist with sweat. This clogs the hair follicles, captures a lot of dirt and bacteria and leads to folliculitis. Hence, it is extremely crucial to shield your hair from this weather and consequently supplement them with nutrients, to enrich them. When it comes to solutions, more often than not we resort to quick and easy solutions only to improve the appearance of our hair; eventually making it look like a bunch of hay – dry and stacked up. However, it is important that we strengthen our roots, from within, before focussing on its appearance. Mom’s Gharelu Nuska’s (hacks) – a natural saviour – comes to rescue and surprisingly, these are quite efficient in resolving the new-age hair-care problems from its roots. Soaking seeds overnight in coconut oil is one of those kitchen remedies that could make your hair care regime enriched with nutrients and bring great results to your hair texture. Few such super-rich seeds that can solve your hair woes are:

Methi seeds:
Hair-fall is the problem most of us are literally struggling with. Methi wondrously strengthens our hair roots and reduces the hair-fall, drastically. It naturally provides a boost to hair growth. Soaking these seeds overnight, ideally in coconut oil would create great results for our hair.
Sarson seeds:
The heaps of chemicals we use to smoothen and soften our strands, almost amounts to nothing over a period of time but using this natural hair conditioner leaves our hair naturally nourished. Sarson seeds and coconut oil go extremely well together and can produce power packed benefits for our hair.
Kalonji seeds:
The inconsistency in hair-health is something that usually bother us. The constantly varying hair health corresponds to the irregular and changing weather. Kalonji strengthens the hair follicle and regulates hair growth. Alongside, Kalonji seeds provide nourishment to the hair follicle and reduce hair-fall
Lauki seeds:
Oh! The grey tresses – making an individual look old. This old gharelu nuska (age-old home remedies) helps us look more young and youthful. Lauki seeds when soaked in coconut or almond oil can help preserve the colour in our hair and delay greying.. Along with this it also helps keep spilt ends at bay. Lustre-less and dull strands could be revived with the help of Lauki seeds.
Til seeds:
There are times when we are faced with some minor infections and bacterial problems. It becomes extremely difficult to discern the exact cause of this infection, til seeds, soaked in oil, then works as a scalp cleanser. These multi-faceted seeds promote hair growth while keeping the dandruff miles away.

Watermelon seeds:
Reduced melanin usually causes the hair to go grey and prematurely age. Watermelon seeds keeps the colour of our hair intact and boosts the scalp circulation and prevents the breakage of hair. Watermelon seeds when mixed in hot oil bring out the best nutrients of the seeds and create great results for our hair.
Lemon seeds:
Lemon seeds and coconut oil is the best combination to treat early shedding and to induce hair-regrowth. Applying this mixture every week improves the blood circulation and leaves hair rejuvenated and revived.
“Today using chemical formulas to improve the hair growth is a trend and it is not a bad idea, for after all it is that quick solution to a better appearance. However, finding a natural and permanent solution is even more appropriate and long lasting. While these solutions may be excessively time consuming, they are equally effective. Soaking seeds for instance, truly brings out the essence of seeds into the oil. Using such a nutrient infused oil is a blessing in disguise.
So, let’s save our strands with the help of these age-old nuskas which so brilliantly tackle with our new-age hair care problems.

– Article authored by Dr. Aparna Santhanam

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