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Aashirvaad Organic says ‘Sach Much Organic’…..

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News stardom : Kolkata 27th. October 2023: Aashirvaad Organic, a leading and trusted household name in staples, introduced its new brand proposition that redefines the landscape of its organic offerings – Sach Much Organic. This proposition resonates with Aashirvaad’s unwavering dedication to delivering purity, transparency and 100% organic products of great quality to discerning consumers.

In a world where the term ‘organic’ often remains shrouded in ambiguity, Aashirvaad takes a bold step to uphold its pledge of ‘100% Aashirvaad, 100% Organic’. At the heart of Sach Much Organic lies a revolutionary innovation that empowers consumers – a unique QR code on each product’s packaging that enables consumers to trace their chosen product’s journey from the farm to their homes. Thus, educating and creating awareness among consumers about the source and journey of their food. A pioneering feature setting new industry standards, and empowering consumers to make choices that align with their well-being and values.

Additionally, the range from Aashirvaad Organic includes a portfolio of attas and dals –that carry prestigious certifications from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as per the National Organic Program of the United States and from INDOCERT as per the National Programme for Organic Production of India, affirming to consumers that they meet organic standards. Each of the products goes through rigorous testing for 217 pesticides, setting a new standard for purity and quality in the industry.

Anuj Rustagi, COO, Staples & Adjacencies, ITC Ltd., remarked, “At ITC, we are dedicated to driving transformative change that positively impacts society. For decades, Aashirvaad has graced countless households with premium and quality offerings. Through ‘Sach Much Organic’, the brand is not only setting new benchmarks but also building awareness about the true essence of organic goodness. With a mission to educate consumers about the benefits of choosing organic, Aashirvaad Organic is poised to inspire trust – one ‘Sach Much Organic’ product at a time. Aashirvaad’s Organic Range represents our dedication to creating a better future, where consumers connect with products.”

Complementing this proposition, Aashirvaad has launched two new protein-rich organic offerings: Organic Rajma and Organic Kabuli Chana. These additions to the range exemplify Aashirvaad’s dedication to redefining the realm of organic goodness.

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