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News Stardom : Kolkata, 25th. January, 2021. WHAT IS ME & MOOI?
“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”
Yes! We are bringing the whole entertainment industry under one roof, the only single brand name “Me & MOOI”. We are introducing a distinctive platform for art, music, culture and heritage including an ecommerce part to promote our beauty and fashion products. Not only this, OTT, calendar, magazine, and a lot more are there which will add an extra bounce to this.
We are going to launch two new faces every year to the industry through our matchless talent hunt programme and will bring opportunities for them to debut in our OTT platform.
Doesn’t it sound really exciting?
Team – Me & Mooi.

beauty fashion showbiz

We are empowering you to find yourself!


  1. Me & Mooi Digital Aggregator Platform: digital shows, workshops, online coaches, mentorships, archives for music, movies and magazines.
  2. Vehemence by Me & Mooi (platform for art, music, culture & heritage): live online and offline musical shows, theatres, art shows, exhibitions, workshops, learning sessions, live interview sessions, promote art and music, cultures from village corners, heritage re- innovations and promotions, vintage cultures and re-living our own lost forms of art and cultures.
  3. Mooi OTT Platform (Exclusive platform for Movies & Web Series): streaming of released and unreleased movies and web series, own productions and other productions, opportunities for new talents and new found faces in me and mooi to debut their first works here, promoting the artists from all layers, promoting young artists from company ends and company will promote on behalf of the new comers too, mentoring new talents and giving opportunities to develop their talents under the most expertized mentors working for years in the industry, artist forum for all junior, senior artists and new comers to integrate the whole fraternity.
  4. Me & Mooi Youtube Archive: Archive storage for me and mooi, promotions, trailers, news, interesting items and lot more.
  5. Mooi Magazine (Monthly Release): Online & Offline contained beauty, fashion, showbiz and personalities and their interesting stories, promotions, products marketing and new works.
  6. Mooi Paparazzi (Bi Monthly Release): Online & Offline publishing in page3 for high profile people such as actors, musicians, performers, athletes, celebrities, stars and superstars typically while subjects go about their usual and interesting lives.
  7. Mooi Calendar (Quad Yearly): Online release with whole year work lists, plans, interesting event news, exciting shots along with attractive bookmarks.
  8. Mooi Ecommerce: marketing, promoting, launching exclusive beauty and fashion products

Grand Launch

  1. Calendar Launch: We are launching CALENDAR 2021 which depicts the blends of dichotomy. “Good and evil” is mutually inclusive in our life and manifesting the two in human beings creates oneness. Apart from this, our Financial and Bengali calendars are forthcoming and will be launched very soon.
  2. Mooi Magazine Launch: We are launching mooi Magazine January 2021 edition at the grand launch. It is a startling one. We have the one and only Debosree Roy as our cover girl and as well as an advisor. We have Arijit Dutta as our one of our advisors. Mooi has covered exciting interviews of celebrities from different genres like Singer Ms. Jojo, Actress Chandreyi, Social media face Ena Datta, renowned Models and some others. There are interesting stories and conversations on bike ridings, fashion trends, women empowerment etc. The magazine equally helpful for beauty tips, draping chronicles and health cares. Last but not the least mooi remembers the legend of legends, the Apu of Bengal, the evergreen Pheluda Late Soumitra Chatterjee.
  3. Mr. & Miss Mooi: We will announce the names of Mr. and Miss Mooi 2021 at the grand launch and will be waiting for the next ones.
  4. OTT Platform: Last, we will launch our brand new OTT platform CALUS that is a joint venture and associated with Silver Motion Pictures and Maansi Entertainment Studio.

**Founder Prem Mukherjee & Arpita Ganguly.

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