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UK-based multicultural marketing company, MMS, faces turmoil amidst allegations of financial discrepancies, raising concerns among local authorities…

News Stardom : Kolkata, 28th July 2023: Multicultural Media Sales Ltd (MMS), a prominent multicultural marketing company based in the UK, has recently found itself entangled in a series of controversies caused by allegations of financial irregularities and alleged instances of immoral conduct. Concerns have been raised regarding financial lapses within MMS, particularly surrounding the management of expenses and financial activities. Mr. George Chacko and Mr. Manish Tiwari, shareholders representing the Indian diaspora with Here and Now 365, one of the largest multicultural marketing agencies in the UK, have accused Mrs. Katariin Lindre and Mr. Sajjad Shawl of withholding financial information and neglecting the agreed partnership terms. Mrs. Lindre and Mr. Shawl, with their company, Alliance Advertising and Marketing, work in the Pakistani space in the UK. The allegations point towards the approval of consultant expenses without proper justification, raising questions about transparency and financial accountability.

MMS, established on February 27, 2019, was conceived as a joint venture between Mrs. Katariin Lindre and Mr. George Chacko, each holding a 50:50 share in the company. MMS was envisioned as the exclusive sales house for Sony Network, a renowned broadcasting network known for its top-rated shows and groundbreaking content. Additionally, MMS was set to represent Sunrise National, the largest commercial South Asian radio channel in the UK, aiming to solidify its position in the multicultural marketing space.

Representing their respective partners, Mr. Sajjad Shawl and Mr. Manish Tiwari, both influential figures in the multicultural marketing space in the UK, were said to have aimed to capitalize on the growing demand for media and advertising space on both linear and digital broadcasting networks. According to sources, Mr. Shawl’s business, Alliance Advertising and Marketing, operates in the Pakistani media space both in the UK and in Pakistan. Interestingly, the India branch of Alliance Advertising and Marketing is said to be managed by Mr. Shawl’s brother, Arshad Nizam, who resides in Delhi and handles the agency’s work for Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Oppo. This information highlights potential interconnected business dynamics within the Shawl family across different geographical regions and industry sectors. Furthermore, significant altercations began with Mr. Sajjad Shawl’s alleged intention to secure external funds as a loan without providing financial transparency. Mr. Chacko and Mr. Tiwari expressed reluctance, claiming that many of the proposed expenses were unnecessary. Market sources even hinted at suspicious financial practices within the company, suggesting fund siphoning orchestrated by Mrs. Lindre and Mr. Shawl. Adding to the turmoil, Mr. Shawl allegedly attempted to buy out Mr. Chacko’s shares, a proposal that was swiftly dismissed by Mr. Tiwari. Subsequently, during the Christmas break in 2022, Mr. Shawl was accused of discreetly transferring Mr. Chacko’s shares to his wife’s name without obtaining the required legal consent from all affected parties, further complicating the situation.

MMS has had a reasonably successful track record, with revenues surpassing £300K during the challenging COVID-impacted financial years. However, the ongoing conflict between the partners has put the company’s reputation and future prospects at risk. Despite its pivotal role in establishing MMS, Sony Network has reportedly chosen to remain distant from the internal dispute, leaving the company to navigate the challenges on its own.

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