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To lose all and win……

Poem by – Moubani Sorcar. Famous Actress & Dancer.

I would say more but it’s best said less,
Why is the world such a unique mess?
It’s wise to be cruel,
And cruel to be real,
Then why is it wrong to quench curiosity,
Whence knowledge is considered complexity,
Science is witchcraft these days,
And the witches are accepted to work in their ways,
Demons are our new found friend,
But help they do not as they stab at every bend,
And they promise you too,
A beautiful box of poisoned ladoo,
Now if you decided to seek more,
And took care to kill the bore,
Then a smart troll will come and convince you otherwise,
Don’t we have any sense or any pride?
In this wood of unwanted animals,
How long do we remain as humans,
And are we not fairies with long lost wings dying of lost imagination,
The rose coloured sweetness of real emancipation,
Of a good path, and returns,
Not snatchers who leave us with one thing to learn,
A grim dream or a magical truth,
Is all dependant on your self worth.
Is this not the Drama of Life,
And when the bubble breaks you know that you are real and have always been right.

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