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The Sun kisses again and again…….

A Poem by — Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Famous Dancer.

I have no worries now,
I just realised how,
Each morning I wake up to is sun kissed,
And there is nothing in my life I have missed,
The warmth and caress of the golden sun,
Has taught me to stand up and understand with what I am done,
Of living life in a meadow filled with flowers,
O heavens,what mighty power,
Does its golden love present,
And let me wipe away all I might resent,
It’s liquid golden trickle,
Have turned every fruit into a delicious finger-licking pickle,
And I must have been so mad,
Even partially sad,
To be afraid of the night,
Questioned the mysteries of the dark,
Or what harm it might,
Carry in its unknown ways,
Never as clear and explicit as the days,
But is not a golden morning in the park,
A reward much worth more its unknown journey ,
And what my fright might lead to helps learn that real me,
I can burn any darkness or any shadow,
I can throw away any qualms and dance in the meadow,
As I am made of the sun,
I am born and so was my duty to have fun.

Take me O golden warmth and teach me more,
How in the sun is nature’s secrets galore,
The magic we have woven ,
This truth called life,
Must be adored and not be shaven,
Like the unwanted beard of a man,
As with every day the golden time passes when we can,
Live life knowing that we made gold out of its ethereal presence,
As the sun rises every morning after the night to give that assurance.

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