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The rat race and the cheese….

A Poem By – MOUBANI SORCAR, Famous Actress & Dancer.

Are we not bound in freedom?
It is a master plan of the kingdom,
Where we took to our might,
And resurrected a fight,
Everyday in every way when
Nature was being kind,
Only for power then,
The cheese you eat is for show in a rat race,
If good and bad existed in every mind,
And our heart has its own pace,
We have throttled every being,
Only to recieve what we pray,
Between the lines what might you be seeing,
Will make subtlety a silly way,
When your delusional eyes portray,
A game of survival,
A mirage in a way real,
And our lust a perfect bait,
Has taught us not to wait,
In this time bound grind,
But if we did use our mind,
It is the sweetness in honey for which the bee works,
Not in a lifetime does the soul travel it’s path as it lurks,
So freedom is only when,
We see ourselves truly then,
The moments we love will be readily available,
And life will be more beautiful than any fantasy imaginable.

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