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The Hero in me……

A Poem by Moubani Sorcar. Famous Actress & Dancer.

The need for speed,
Is a high powered battery,
Am inspired to change the thought,
And instigated by a romantic plot,
I fall in love with thy me in myself,
And it is an ocean in which I must delve,
Break the shackles of reality,
Find the moon and rise,
In beauty and it’s fine tuned utility,
Is not space and time better conquered,
By love and spread to the ethereal part,
Where there is no complexity,
And the smell of roses bloom in resplendent ethnicity,
I am here,
With my sack of kisses,
Beyond any materialistic pleasure the mind pushes,
So I will also be there,
As thorns immortalise a dangerous path,
I am my own knight in shining armour after the math.
My sword is sharp,
And so is the music in my harp.

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