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The first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre of Kolkata & the Eastern Region opens up…..

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News Stardom : kolkata, 23rd. July 2021. A momentous day it was for the city of Kolkata & entire Eastern Region as the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre or HBOT, as is also popularly known, opened up at 4C Gopal Banerjee Road, Kolkata- 25. Located at the edge of Harish Park at Harish Mukherjee Road, the centre will revolutionize medical wellness for citizens of the city as well those from the entire Eastern Region. The centre was inaugurated by renowned functional medicine practitioner Puja Karnani Agarwal in the presence of renowned personalities of the city. Also present at the occasion was Dr. Manoj Gupta, the HBOT specialist & Director of Pro Well HBOT. He specially flew in to the city for the occasion & shared valuable inputs of the therapy benefits with the attendees in the event.

HBOT Therapy helps to heal our body faster, thus speeding up the recovery process. It heals any kind of wound, infection, surgery, or side effects from radiation much faster. It also helps in sports injury and rehab thus helping sportsmen to recover in a shorter span of time. It is also known to boost energy levels of an individual and increase the functionality of the human brain.
The therapy is also vastly used by practicing dermatologist to treat clients looking for some serious makeovers. Leading Celebrities, Olympic champions, and well-known business owners are known to undertake the therapy on a daily basis. For this therapy, the person is put into a special HBOT chamber, to breathe pure oxygen (100%) under pressure levels 1.5 to 3 times higher than average atmospheric pressure. It increases the oxygen levels of the blood which repairs tissues much faster and restores normal body function soon enough.
Promoted by noted business entrepreneur Sanjay Minda, the centre is headed by Snigdha Seal, a renowned business professional. The centre will be open all days from 8 am to 8 pm. There will be a Doctor present for consulting, as the therapy can be only availed via a prescription.

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