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Suspense Thriller Film ‘The Naked Story’ Released…..

News stardom : kolkata, 21st. January, 2023. ‘The Naked Story’ is a directorial debut of writer- director Paayel Chouudhury. Produced by renowned child physician Dr. Prabir Bhowmik.

The naked story is the story of a girl. Her life, her pain, her never ending sorrow. The naked truth abouth her life, where she was being abused by her uncle during her childhood. Later on the girl had been absued physically and mentally by her boyfriend, who everytime misscommitted her to get married with her. Her chilhood trauma returned when she had to abort her child under her boyfriend presure. She had been going through horrible nightmeres, and visions. Then she meets a person, a girl, she finds peace into her arms. She falls in live with her. Then 2 murderes happend.. a bold from the blue.. what will she do ? Those are just her nightmers or her dark reality? To know the answer you have to come and watch the film in the theater.

*Story behind the naked story-

It’ s very hard to work with suspense thriller, and it’s definitely much more harder to work with a psychological suspense thriller ,that is why it is very rear in Bollywood as well as Tollywood industry to make films about this matter. But Paayel Chouudhury has done the job very well. She has mixed this psychological suspense thriller with her wetty and smart screenplay presentation. In her script, she has highlighted many current social issues like child abuse, home violence, illegal and forceful abortions ,

sexual orientation crisis and lgbtq issues. But it could not be possible, if she has not got the famous child peditration Dr Prabir Bhowmik’s as her producer, who supported allthrough and gave his appreciation about this particular topic to go ahead, because these types of scripts are quite rare still now in Indian film history. So that it’s very tough to get producer for these films.

Her cast and crew also supported her throughout to make this film possible.. They shooted almost 18 to 19 hours a day to finish within the time slot. It was very tough to work in the unpredictable weather of dooars. Still the whole team had managed to finish the film. Lead actor Payel Chakraborty, who is no more with us, she worked in high fever also. In her high fever, she gave a shot in the bathtub, under water, all wet, around 2 am. Her dedication was priceless and unmeasurable. She was very smart, friendly, helpful, cheerful, fun loving, down to earth, cor-porate and dedicated team member and actor. She will be missed when her dream project will be showing on the screens.

In a nutshell, its an inteligent pshychological suspense thriller highlighing child abuse, child trauma, home violence, illegal abortion and its effect and sextual orientation crisis and lgbtq issues. A film with some crucial and current issues with deeply rooted social messeges.

About the Director
Paayel Chouudhury

Film making has been Paayel Chouudhury’s passion since childhood. She has born and brought up at Kolkata, West Bengal, Payel, the ex student of NIFFA ( NATIONAL SCHOOL OF FILM AND FINE ARTS) has made several telefims and a TVC also.paayel has been in this industry since 2005. She had been struggling very hard to be an individual director while she had been working as an assistant director under various director’s projects. But each and every time she had to face disappointment. At the extreme phase of her depression, she has got her 1st chance to make a full length feature film The Naked Story. Produced by Dr Prabir Bhowmik, a renowned child doctor.

Paayel has done almost 95+ short films and a webseries under different banners like Apurba nandi choudhury production,Purple Theater, Archana Production, AD Films, Chandan Roy Production, Clapstick Entertainment, Sreevaishvabi films, Hippiix , nehal dutta production,Baivvabi Entertainment. One of her short film -THE FORBIDDEN LOVE- has received 9 awards and 7 official selections so far around INDIA, USA, CANADA, SANGHAI. This film has been screened at The Queer Asia Film Festival London on 13th July 2019. It was an international premiere of this film.Her next lgbtq film the freedom to breathe has also received 8 awards and 5 official selections globaly ( USA, UK, Netherlands,India, china) Mukhosh is her 3rd lgbtq short film which also got 5 awards and 4 official selections around the international festivals (USA, Singapore, UK, Bhutan ,India, etc.


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