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Stop by for Life……….

MOUBONI SORCAR : Actress & Writer

I stopped by to stare at you,
Oh bewildering life that is forever anew,
What might I hold against the cons,
Except that, what happened are bygones,
But under the shadows of a tree that nurtures me,
Thankful should I not be?
That the sun when too harsh in it’s dazzle,
Will soothe, caress, and willingly fizzle,
And to its changing hue I will be a gazele,
In nature lies the true lessons,
Yet we move away from the natural,
Naming it crude and immaterial in actions,
When it will break the strongest wall,
Even whence at birth or the final call,
Between us and the stretch that we walk,
In melancholy when we talk,
Why not cherish while the time is true,
We best fit in the oldest shoe.

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