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Still moving………

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Poem by– Moubani Sorcar : Famous Actress & Dancer.

The fact that stillness makes life remote,
Is not a line that I believe is a quote,
It is motion that makes us alive,
And in good or bad that we may dive,,
A worn out moment teaches us kindness,
Not in books or times of success,
Are we not pale now to not move,
Bloodless how does oxygen matter,
Without legs what use is a ladder,
In my pictorial sense of time,
Whatever that we mime,
Stays, and this stillness,
This echoe less expanse of emotions,
Are left with no reason to use a medicine or a potion,
I am not stone,
I am not alone,
I will be the volcanoes silence,
Before the storm I will commence,
Natural am I
Not ready to die,
I will fly high,
And with every me humanity will try.


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