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Soumya Chakrabarty directed the movie “Pendulum”…

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“Not in separation with stealth
In private slowly remember within the web of leaves,
There was greed, there was envy among mankind.
But there were some fairy tales too.”

News stardom : kolkata, 12th. February, 2022. Whoever can say such beautiful words, will definitely compose the web of a fairy tale. But the beginning of the fairy tale was not at all easy. Due to the financial crisis in family, the enjoyment of youthful days, performing in theatres, publishing the Little magazine, everything came to a standstill for him. But just like a fairy tale, spending so many springs of his life, even being diagnosed with cancer, he didn’t stop. He is Soumen Chatterjee. This is how started the results of Soumen Chatterjee Initiative.

His very first identity is that he is a social worker. He is not only with 65 mentally depressed people of Saltlake “Prabartak Sangha Home” but also with 120 orphans of Sundarbans. As a result of his social works, he has received prestigious “India Glorious Achievement Award 2021”.

During the Covid pandemic, when we all are losing purpose and focus in life, he took his first steps in the film industry, advised by director Ashok Biswanathan. This is how Shree Delart started. Afterwards many short films and music videos were created which enrich today’s program.

According to Mr. Soumen, every day, every moment of our life is ever changing, just like a pendulum. Keeping this ever-changing spirits of life, Soumya Chakrabarty directed the movie “Pendulum”. The trailer of the movie will be launched this day. The cast includes Sayantani Guhathakur, Sayantani Nandi (Lisa) and many more.

While making short films, he also started to create music videos with the help of Sudip Mridha. His area of interest mostly was in Rabindrasangeet, Folk music and specially Baul songs.

Arudipto Dasgupta directed musical short film “Abdar” will be shown. This film focuses on the different desires of different ages of life. The cast includes very talented Ritabrata Mukherjee and Nabagata Debangi.

Manidip Saha directed and Debtanu and Aishwarya acted movie, “Mon Re Fire Ay” will also be shown that day.

The day will also have some parts of Supid Mridha directed music video “Basanta Batase” and “De De Pal Tule De”.

Above all, he encourages the young stars specially females. When many people are losing their jobs due to Covid pandemic, he is trying hard to establish some talented directors and actors in the film industry.

He also inspired Parnab Mukhopadhyay to direct the movie “Facing the Face” representing the transgender people which is dedicated to renowned director Rituparno Ghosh. This movie talks about the life of the third gender. The cast includes Rajasree (Raj) Das.

Soumen Chatterjee has immense love for theatre also. With the help of director Rana Banerjee, he has completed shooting in Minarva theatre for the International Theatre Carnival with eight drama groups of both city and countryside.

Instead of knowing the fact that “we are all puppets in the hands of time”, he denies to give up in the struggle of life. Tuning with this thought of life, Sankha Chakraborty directed the short film “Ray of Hope” which will tell us the story of hope in life.

One can very well notice Soumen Chatterjee’s love for poetry in the movie “ Death in Covid Times”. The movie has poems composed by actress Joye Bose.

May Soumen Chatterjee roam freely in different parts of the industry just like today. May his social work reach highest values. May there be golden fruits of Soumen Chatterjee Initiative.

The program will be honoured by the presence of Ritobrata Mukherjee, Ashok Biswanathan, Rana Banerjee, Aishwarya Sen and many more.

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