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Something known or unknown…..

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Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

Im not worth anything,
I can feel it as I set myself afloat on a swing…
Free ,
To be me…
If I may measure…
If I were a treasure….
Just about the value I give to others,
I just love the shine in glitter and bling,
But not the way it smothers,
Flowers are to be kept in your heart and mind,
A diamond shines and much more,
Right from the centre, it’s core,
If , you are generous and kind.
In a ring that you exchanged… whilst sharing wedding vows,
Or the truth that is seen in its rainbow glare as it glows,
Of love or of commitment,
Or on a name plate in the cement,
That is a story time will tell,
Is it possible to gift the present the worth of a comforting smell?
Through a shining rock,
The price of which to many to overlook would be a shock…
But that’s not a value or is it,
Do girls look for comfort only through which a thing may be lit?
Someday when this moment ages,
It will be special enough to be typed out in pages,
Is it not that you are just about as much as I am,
I wish all the rivers would break the bondage of their man made dams,
Diamonds are a girls best friend,
But flowers live for the moment and can make any story change or bend.
So a flower,
Has more power,
To change today…
In it’s life is it’s world and a new route to find as it dries away.


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