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Simplicity Our Song…..

A Poem by – Mouboni Sorcar : Actress & Famous Dancer.

( This poem has been inspired by my father’s recent FB post on the times when life was spontaneous without complications )

The world is trying again,
To start singing,
The sky would light up with stars,
The moon I’ve seen seen crinkling,
Grand be the occasion when,
Jupiter,Venus, Neptune and Mars,
Were dancing in the night sky in a melange,
My strapped face and yours,
Has faced more than it shows,
Epic highs and lows,
Our happiness and our woes,
But it’s time again to start ,
Fresh in spirit aimed like a dart,
The world is testing us,
More than what it usually does,
It’s time to be Human,
Cure what we have undone,
What will be can change,
From what could have been
And what was,
How could We change and be the mean ,
In our humble ways will be the future,
Of why it is important to nurture,
Let the simple be our hope,
And the new normal our pulling rope,
And our support on which to lean,
It is in our touch,
That magically this rope,
Will stand up on its own as we watch,
As we start singing our way up the slope,
Our broken bones will find the crutch,
We can move our future in a way,
A song will show us the strength in a day,
Trapped in a desire to suddenly break free,
We will find the route to simplicity.
Safety flows in the sea of trust naturally.

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