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Rebuilding Lives in Sunderban Bengal World Mangrove Conservation Day on 26th July….

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News Stardom : 30th. July 2021. Sunderban a UNESCO World Heritage is the land of mangroves rivers sea tigers and 5 million people.
Already suffering from Climate Change and Global Warming and the Covid lockdown the Cyclone Amphan in 2020 and Yash in 2021 has devastated the region .

The very disadvantaged villagers were dependent on primary agriculture fishing bee keeping and some tourism . All the forms of livelihood are now destroyed making the people look at help and charity for their future.

On 26 th July 2021 FREED volunteers carried sari lungi gamchhas rubber slippers for the families who has lost all their belongings their source of livelihood .
Exercise books pens geometry boxes drawing colours colouring books chocolates will be distributed among the children of the region to help them pursue their studies and creative ideas in this time of despair and hopeless ness .

The loss of livelihood in the Sunderban region with the return of the migrant population in view of the lockdown across the country has resulted in large sections entering the forest zones many without due permits in search of fish crabs and honey. This has resulted in severe increase of man animal conflict with deaths and injuries increased substantially in 20-21.

  1. FREED will provide some assistance to the affected families with dry ration including food grains oil biscuits soyabean lentils to last a couple of week.
    All the beneficiaries joined in a plantation program of mangroves in the village and FREED will collaborate with local organisations to create Mangrove plantations in the embankment and other available areas.
  2. Our long term objective

1) A Resourse Centre to provide skill development and alternate livelihood for girl students of the region
We have historical data to show that during these times of turmoil there is Trafficking and displacement of girls at an alarming rate .
We will create a resource centre and involve a inclusive course leading to jobs and vocation .
2) An awareness campaign with all stakeholders to find sustainable livelihoods and avoid man animal conflicts.

3)A local solar arrangement at the resource centre to provide power for daily need and water purification in a very sensitive environment to benefit 500 families with approximately 2500 persons.
The area is Bali island in Gosaba subdivision with reserve forests and the Bay of Bengal and maze of rivers .

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