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Prevailing Synopsis of the Situation in Bakery Industry before 23rd Annual Bakers’ Meet – 2023….

News Stardom : kolkata, 21st. August, 2023. You are well aware that West Bengal Bakers’ Association has been playing a proactive role in promoting the development of Bakery Industries in West Bengal. Our organisation comprises of thousand of Bakery units including largest Bakery Owners Association in our state.

We have a rendered & tremendous service to the cause of society in the Covid-19 lockdown period and supply a huge quantity of Bread to the Hospital, Nursing Homes, Charitable organisations. We also supply Bread & other bakery products to the migrant labour at Dankuni Station by the request of District Magistrate, Hooghly at that time.

The bakery industry is the important industry in Food Processing Sector in our Country. Although our units fail under Micro and small scale Industries sector where crores people are working as labours, workers and sales persons. All of them are involved directly with this industry. Directly or indirectly are engaged not to mentioned their family members who are solely dependant on this industry.

The principle product of this industry, i.e., bread, is a staple food of the

common people which is the cheapest and at the same time most nutritious

food available not only to the urban middle class but also to the people

below poverty line including farmers, labours, etc…Bread is not only the

cheapest and feeling breakfast for the common people but also used in Hospitals and Nursing homes as healthy diet for patients.

Bakery Industry is a Great Crisis in our State due to following reasons:

a)However, we are trying our level best to develop bakery industries of our state in our own capacity. But we are suffering from various problems since the last 30 years due to the following

b)That where is take to special care to the MSME sector. It is very surprising that huge imbalance. The particular of basic needs of MSME Sector that structure of taxation including Licenses and Power to be obtained are as similar as heavy or medium industries. It has been well aware the profit sharing of MSME industries is decreasing day by day due to our multinational companies.

c) The policy of Dept, of Agriculture & Supply, Govt. of India, has ensured that the multinational companies like Reliance, ITC, Adani Wilmar, Kargil, etc. have been given license to procure wheat and essential commodity agriculture products, with permission to keep
unlimited stock..

d)This industry is already heavily burdened with statutory licensesa nd taxes, such as 1) Trade License, 2) Food License (FSSAI), 3)Health License, 4) Agricultural product use License, 5) Fire License, 6) Factory License, 7) Godown License, 8) Packaging License, 9) Profession Tax, 10) Ss&L Certificates, 11) Consent for Pollution, 12)Delivery Van License, 13) Garbage License, 14)Income Tax, 15) GST, 16) ESI, 17) Provident Fund, 18) Electricity Permission and 19) Police Harassment.

it is also to be note that most of the labours and workers comes to earn for living in MSME sector and they are the backbone of the unorganised industrial sector in our state as well as our country. That
the hundred days job secure programme for the rural people and the mid-day meal programme for school students, Annoday Yojana & so many programme. Deue to this reason rural people are not to
interested to work in the MSME Units.

So, far the most of the MSME manufacturing units are in the verge of


1. Review / reconsideration / minimum percentage tariff of the GST for
bakery industry as early as possible.

2. Withdraw immediately any program like 100 days jobs security, mid
day meal, Annaday Yojana, etc. it is our carnest request to Union
Govt. to save MSME Sector.

3.Withdraw the unlimited stock license for essential commodity

4. agriculture product to multinational companies like, Reliance, ITC &
Kargils, Adani Wilmar & others immediately.
Single Window license system with immediate effect.

5.Immediate review the charges of electricity for MSME Sector.

6.Huge & huge police harassment in reads & everywhere of our MSME units.

7. Don’t say negative message having without knowledge of using Plastic. It will bad effect to the Industry as well as to the Society.

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